Top 1o WORST episodes of #blackish- a thread
10. VIP
-Basically said that you can't have fun in Disney-my happy place-without the VIP treatment
-Diane torture
-Pops and Ruby- unpleasant as always
9. The Name Game
-Dre actually says he doesn't want a girl. Father of the year right there.
-WTF kind of name is Divante??
8. 40 Acres and a Vote
-Waaayyy too much political talk.
7. Any Given Saturday
-Could not care less about Diane's documentary project if I tried.
-What is missing from Junior's life that he collects cards of referees??
6. Juneteenth
-Dre is unbearable the whole episode
-I'm all for the freedom of the slaves; but what in hell's bathroom was that makeshift production??
5. Switch Hitting
-Dre = Walking stereotype the whole episode
-Just not funny
4. The Purge
-Dre pettiness
Ruby takes it WAY too far
3. Being Bow-Racial
-They focused waaaay too much on the fact that Junior had a white girlfriend. They should've been thankful he HAD a girlfriend.
2. Christmas in Theatre Eight
-Control freak Dre
-If your family wants to see a comic book movie; let them see a damn comic book movie
-'Back of the Bus' acting sounds forced
-WTF even IS a 'classic black movie??
1. Please Don't Ask; Please Don't Tell
-Dre is a credit hog.
End of thread
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