Thread – Exposing Dementia Joe

1. It is imperative that Joe Biden be fully exposed REPEATEDLY between now and 3 November as the utter knave, fool, hypocrite, and demented man he really is.
2. Fortunately, that is easy to do, as there are many interviews that he has given that shine a spotlight on his lunacy – and not just years ago! There are dozens from the 2020 campaign alone that the legacy media have buried.
3. Here is one from a May interview on ABC’s The View. Watch it and be shocked.
4. That was utterly appalling! No wonder Obama asked him not to run several times last year, and only belatedly endorsed him!!!
5. No amount of stimulant drugs, hours of coaching, teleprompters, and written notes can cure or mitigate this level of confused dementia and senility.
6. Now that he is finally making a few select, carefully-scripted appearances on the campaign trail, he will probably be juiced up by his staff and doctors on stimulants that can restore much of his mental coherence briefly.
7. However, it is noteworthy that:
7A. He still takes zero unscripted tough questions from the non-Democrat Media or from tiny voter audiences who have not been carefully planted and scripted by the DNC advance operatives.
7B. After each appearance this week he has needed at least a full day of rest in quarantine before going on to the next public appearance, much less ever doing multiple campaign stops in one day!
7C. He is only let out of the basement on his "good days" (which are fewer and farther between!).
8. As an aside, his 21-minute nomination acceptance speech at the DNC Convention in August was the shortest in American political history, and notably lacked complex specific statements of policy and vision!
9. "The View" program in the above video was supposed to be a friendly venue on national TV with hyper-partisan Democrat Joy Behar and her buddies that would allow him to apologize and explain away his Creepy Uncle Joe sexual-predator-like behavior ….
9A. … with women and young children (and at one point in his broken sentences he admits it and alludes to such prior scripting), so that perhaps he could put that weirdness and big #MeToo liability behind him during the campaign.
10. However, he instead comes across as completely unglued and incoherent, even when Behar tries to ease him along toward the desired lines of expiation. Not one of his clipped partial sentences makes sense, and he is obviously highly perturbed.
11. No one – Democrat, Independent, or Republican – can watch this pathetic video and many recent others of a senile, confused, and ethically compromised Biden and still want to give this guy the keys to the White House and the nuclear football!
12. As for the polls giving Biden a lead – if they are not deliberately weighted and biased by pro- #Dementiacrat pollsters, then some pundits may be correct in saying that the #Dementiacrats could run deceased (executed) mass serial killer Ted Bundy as their candidate, ….
12A. … and he would still be leading Trump in the polls, given the 24/7/365 Media's relentless hate-Trump propaganda blitz.
13. And to think about all of the fools who swallow Biden’s swill simply because he has a “D” behind his name! They all have a touch of dementia, if you ask me.
14. We need to circulate as many of these ridiculous Biden interview videos to as many voters as humanly possible before 3 November. Let the videos speak for themselves; no words are necessary. The fate of our constitutional Republic hangs in the balance! ///The end.
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