Modi hate is making strange bedfellows,sworn enemies are all of a sudden pally pally,and all the devilish brains are coming together to do the best to spoil his image. But thy seem to hv forgotten that d public has woken up and no longer trusts thm, thr techniques r jaded
First it was #CAA the drama and misinformation went on and on.Thy were exposed but shamelessly they carried on and made a mockery of the law.Namo gave them a long rope and they tied themselves in knots.Opposition leaders were badly exposed but thy kept up thr tirade
#370Removal was a throne in thr side especially d dynasties who hv looted Kashmir thr d decades. What a hullabaloo was created across d world,again and again these anti Indian forces tried to equate NaMo to Hitler,hoping tht now atleast d Indians will stop supporting him
#DelhiRiots2020 thy burnt Delhi again trying to show Hindus in a bad light,but here too thy fell flat on thr faces.the #BhagwaTerror angle united d peaceful majority and thy stood up for thr rights
Again Hindu bashing began which had d opposite reaction to all der hidden agendas
#RamMandir was perhaps was d last straw
The Hindu bashers went into a huddle to bring in a new plan to malign NaMo, #SSRDeathCase was supposed to be twisted but d general public disliked these politicians and exposed thm at every step,but desperate rogues hv gone blind with hate
#FarmBill2020 is der next drama plot,all of a sudden we hv so many farmer sympathisers,pathetic dynasts and middlemen r trying thr level best to bring down d Modi Govt again
Fools rush in where angels dare not,these rogues r pure goondas as proved by #RajyaSabha ruckus
#TukdeTukdeGang is what the opposition has become now.Utterly ruthless, rudderless,ethically corrupt and want power back as all thr corrupt institutions r being decimated systematically.
The public is waiting eagerly and want d cleansing to go at a faster pace,rogues weeded out
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