First this new Tech Roadmap Advisory Council

Includes a big banker, coca cola CEO, gov reportees and

Grant King, ex-Origin Energy (of 45% target 'economy wrecking' BCA fame)

Ben Wilson, CEO Aus Gas Infrastructure Group (pic below)

NO ONE from renewables, clean tech space!
Now @AngusTaylorMP has been up late working on this roadmap as evidenced in this pic in the Australian article

Here is what the roadmap seems to miss
1) funding
2) destination
3) actual emissions reductions in Paris period (2021-2030)

Lets go through what it does have...
Priority technologies - all summarised in this pic of Angus Taylor still working hard (also from Oz article - note same outfit different location, though has picture of himself working hard on his desktop so obviously working too hard to notice. Sorry digressing. Its late)
To @AngusTaylorMP 'clean hydrogen' is "from off-grid gas with CCS, and coal gasification with CCS is likely to be the lowest-cost clean production method in the near-term"

As explained to @jolauder @triplejHack today hydrogen is at a cross-roads
Remember @ScottMorrisonMP @AngusTaylorMP have made this whole Tech Roadmap process up.

This is not a United Nations mandated process.

No other country is doing just this roadmap without destination, funding, targets

This is not a replacement for a long-term strategy
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