I have to confess that in my early days, I was a "conservative voter".

In the first election in which I ever voted, I cast mine for @AKimCampbell.

I found her to be refreshingly honest.

2. Then, when the very first edition of the Reform Party surfaced, I liked a lot of its basic entry-level populist plans (boy, did that party ever lose its way quickly, but I digress).

In the second election in which I ever voted, that party got my vote.

3. By the early 2000s, the duo of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin impressed me enough that I would consider voting Liberal.

Then the 2004 election came around and suddenly IT HAPPENED.

4. #StephenHarper became the CPC leader, 2 months later an election was called and the no-longer-Progressive henceforth-always-Nasty-Conservatives put out a press release affirming that both #PaulMartin and #JackLayton supported #ChildPornography.

5. That was it.

That was the last straw.

Randomly and recklessly accusing fellow citizens of championing the corruption and abuse of children... just to win the media day??

That was a no-go.

If a party could do/say that, it could do/say absolutely anything.

6. I didn't vote any version of Conservative in 2004, but still didn't vote Liberal.

Then, recently, the Nasty Conservatives pulled that shit again with #PMJT: Framing these as everything short of him sexually assaulting this Champion on stage (with audience/cameras).

7. IDK about you, but any party with a policy of systematically accusing opponents of raping children, is one that NEVER deserves to lead anything whatsoever.

@ErinOToole was an MP when this latest hit job happened.

He said nothing.

Therefore, he is underserving.

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