Today TDS is at full volume.
We need to pray for our nation as value for human life is now a right wing talking point rather than basic human decency.
Too many people see a death of a political adversary as a gain rather than a loss to human kind.

#JakeGardner was a veteran who was abandoned by the city administration that gladly took his tax money yet refused to protect him or his property in his time of need. There is more enthusiasm in the matches celebrating his tragic suicide than there is for the Biden campaign.

Even his state senator issued an OFFICIAL STATEMENT celebrating his death but warning supporters many more deaths are needed before white supremacy is eradicated.

This backwards thought process that ignores evidence and law and only sees race, while seeing self defense as racism, is what is driving our kids to join white nationalist groups through tiktok. Tribalism breeds racism even when racism is demonized at home.
We are all Americans and we all live under the same laws -OR- we are living in the last days to pick a team before street fighting comes to our neighborhood. There is no middle ground.
I know people are angry. Everyone is angry. Anger isn’t a defense for breaking the law.
Killing someone, or trying to kill someone, because you are mad is not an affirmative defense. Jake’s crime was not allowing an angry young man to beat him to death.
How ever you look at it that is as plain and unbiased as you can get.
The death of the young man is also a tragedy. Police knew this specific young man had spent multiple nights breaking windows and assaulting innocent people who were not a part of his “protest”. They did nothing to stop his rampage.
They could have saved his life by keeping him in jail after he beat his first victim.
That was not allowed.
He was black and therefore unable to control himself.
That is racism by low expectation.
That is #SystemicRacism.

Systemic racism killed both men in Omaha on May 30th 2020.
Jake didn’t pass till Saturday night but his card was already played on May 30th
Pray for both families and pray for Omaha as new riots are being organized for tonight with the goal of getting more white people to die
That’s pretty racist if you ask me.

As always, have a beautiful day and pray for our nation, and remember
orange man bad.
Important background
@JackPosobiec speaks the truth
More footage of who #JakeGardner was and why claims he was a white supremacist are so unfounded
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