im an optimist despite everything so maybe now democrats will *finally* learn "but the hypocrisy" is a completely impotent political weapon. maybe. probably not. but anyhow, its totally useless and they should stop bothering with it.
just condemn. speak like a prosecutor.
also stop framing every flipping political statement like you're begging.

"we urge our republican friends to consider the higher calling..."


"these guys suck, look how they suck. we do not suck."

(i mostly know this is useless and nobody listens but yet i persist)
look at how republicans regularly talk about "democrats" and "the left" and then the wimpy way democrats talk about the right, despite the ruthlessness and the body counts. its insane.
my advice for democrats is to talk about republicans the way ted kennedy spoke about robert bork. just say what theyre doing and stop begging them to be good guys. 30+ years theyre still whining about this, cause it was effective af.
the weird part of all of this is -- it isn't hard. its not a magic bullet and you won't win every fight, but goodness its a far more potent tactic than "we hope the republicans will come to their senses" which is the thrust of almost all democratic communications, esp in senate
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