Why I Went Full "Impersonal Brand"

Hey, it's Charles Miller

You may have noticed a change to my name and @

Let's go through why I did it and what the future looks like

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1. Benefits Of Being Personal

A personal brand can be very powerful

You can build a cult around your name and face

You can somewhat easily build trust

You can do YouTube videos, periscope, filming your own ads, etc
2. Drawbacks Of Being Personal

There are two main disadvantages to going personal

First is a level of fame, which some want, but I don't

Second is *kind of* not being able to sell the business

(There are people who have sold personal brands, but it's complicated)
3. What I Want

What I want most is a sellable company with its own identity

I want a brand that isn't connected to a name or face

I want to build without taking pictures or doing video

Just writing, scaling, cashing out

So, impersonal is the way to go
4. What Comes Next

I'm getting into paid traffic right now

Later, I may start a paid newsletter or membership site

Either way, I plan to grow whatever this is to be quite large

Then, in 5 or 10 years, I want *the option* to liquify

We'll see if I do, but I want that choice
5. What You'll Get

You'll get the same dude writing the tweets

The same dude writing the emails

Same humor, same personality

So don't worry, nothing is changing

Let's keep having fun

Thanks for reading
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