Thread time. Why is this really a battle of good vs evil? Time to put some teeth in that flowery statement. Without teeth, it just becomes campaign rhetoric. Here we go.
Good has to have bedrock. It has to show longevity. It has to be something people run to when..
hard times hit. Evil has no REAL bedrock. No real foundation. It sows confusion. When hard times hit, it leaves the soul empty and lost.
Conservatism (Trump) is built on a bedrock. It looks to constitutional, unchanging principles that have been tried many times in the past. It..
acknowledges a Creator that has left us instructions on how to live and how to treat each other. It faces difficulty with realistic eyes. Knowing in reality some things can be fixed and others are a part of life. It immediately creates a situation where in hard times ..
we know where to go.

Evil really has no bedrock. It changes as man deems fit, to fit the changing whims of the masses. It develops and morphs over time and leaves those who really need direction confused. Those who evil promised to help are hurt the most by it's constant..
So how did we get here? There is a reason why in scripture there is a reference to Satan as "The prince of the power of the air". For centuries that statement was a little less relevant, but now it's relevance is clear. TV, music, entertainment in general comes to us...
via the air. Who has been given temporary control of that same air?
So let's wrap up.
This election is about candidates that stand on two different pieces of ground. Forget Trump's gravely nature. Forget his past. Forget Biden's apparent dementia. Forget his past. All that..
matters is the ground.
Biden is surrounded by progressive policy. Progressive people. Endorsed by all the minion's of the "power of the air".
Trump is surrounded by conservative policy. He is surrounded by conservative people. He does not thrive on..
Hollywood endorsement. News media endorsement (The air).
The stake's, the battle lines, the contrast could not be clearer. Time to take back ground in this election. Be careful. The airways are a trap. Approach carefully and prayerfully, lest you fall.

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