Video Thread: This morning, activists with @ShutDown_DC and @sunrisemvmt used strobe lights, instruments and chants to "wake up @LindseyGrahamSC" outside his house in Washington DC to demand he not confirm a replacement for #RBG on the Supreme Court until after the inauguration.
Some of the activists tried to enter Senator Graham's front yard and knock on the door

Police formed a line preventing most from doing so, and forced one protester who got through off the yard.

They did not make arrests.
To briefly address something happenin on Twitter: Infowars reporter @Millie__Weaver is claiming to have had an infiltrator inside @sunrisemvmt who tipped off police and the senator.

The protest was publicly announced, with precise instructions posted online last night.
"He said, 'Use my words against me!'" chanted the activists outside Lindsey Graham's house, referencing Graham's allusion to a situation like this when he was defending not confirming Merrick Garland in 2016.
The @sunrisemvmt and @ShutDown_DC held a banner reading "We Can't Sleep So Neither Should Lindsey" while loudly playing back a recording of his own words from 2016.
Inspector Robert Glover of MPD's Special Operation Division told an organizer that the protest outside Senator Graham's house was in violation of DC's "Residential Tranquility Act" and that they'd begin arresting if they didn't leave.

He specifically mentioned he'd arrest media.
"We're using your words agains you," wrote an activist in sidewalk chalk in front of Senator @LindseyGrahamSC's house.
Lieutenant Jason Bagshaw used an amplifier in Inspector Glover's call to issue a first warning to the protesters threatening arrest.

"We will not compromise with a simple-minded racist" an activist replied.
After Lieutenant Bagshaw issued a second arrest warning and ordered protesters to leave southbound, they briefly marched north toward the police, but then turned around leaving the way police told them to.

"You can't stop the revolution!" they chanted. "No justice, no peace!"
"We need a new court," an organizer said as the group marched to the Supreme Court. "We need a court that actually has term limits.

"Expand the court! Expand the court!" the group chanted.
Before wrapping, organizers read out the home address of Kansas Senator Pat Roberts in Alexandria, Virginia, and suggested that he or Colorado Senator Cory Gardner should be the next target of a wakeup event.

They added that this could be done in their home states too.
Here is my HD footage summary of the protest in front of #LindseyGraham's DC home this morning. As always, all footage is available for license.
NY Post confirms Senator Graham was not at his DC home when protesters gathered outside it this morning.
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