everyone is obsessed with working class people in the rustbelt who are going to vote for trump while also ignoring the millions of working class people in cities who hate trump but may not vote for biden
i can't read another small town pennsylvania voter story. please for the love of god interview young black people in philadelphia who make minimum wage and aren't in a union. please.
do you people understand that black people are working class too!!!!! class is your relationship to the means of production!!!!! i understand there are also cultural signifiers but not all working class people live in hazleton PA and fly confederate flags.
all of these stories are like, "john and his family have been forgotten. all of luzerne county has been." DO YOU THINK THE AVERAGE PERSON IN PHILADELPHIA OR CHESTER OR CAMDEN DOESN'T FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY????? hello!!!!!
everyone is talking about how important pennsylvania is in this election. i would love to read an article that was only about potential voters in the majority black cities. who are also working class and forgotten!!!! feel like i'm going insane!
just wanted to follow up and say this isn't even a dig at poor white people who went from obama to trump. i wish they didn't, but i actually do get it. just wish there were more stories about poor black people who went from obama to no one, who are equally disaffected.
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