Jan,1761, 3rd battle of Panipat happened.
Marathas lost the battle to ahmad shah abdali, because abdali was supported by three allies in Bharat shirajudaula- nawab of awadh, afghan of doab and nawab of rohilla
Another reason was Maratha women were on the way to Mathura and Kashi for "teerth"
Unfortunately for the first time Peshwa lost the battle.
Abdali kidnapped 20,000 maratha women and he was on the way to sell them for sex slavery.
He ordered his soldiers to satisfy their lust.
Before they could do anything, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia along with his volunteers attacked afghans swiftly near river Satluj.
Khalsa were highly war skilled and wonderfully swift.
In no time they defeated bloody afghans and rescued women.
Few women who were not accepted by family
got married with Sikh soldiers.
Ref-Jassa Singh Ahluwalia by Sumit Dhamija
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