I've got my five-point harness strapped in, it's time to run me through the centrifuge at 20g. Liquify me.
Good humanities is claiming Greece invented beauty and Rome invented language.
Humanists have been saying this, for years
You know an article's good when you have to highlight three sentences in a row to note how wildly absurd this stuff is, this defence of the humanities
Many children are saying this,
It's useful in election campaign to know the etymology of 'fool' because...? Finish the thought!
'the best architecture, the arts, the calendar'
For people not in the know, 'gender ideology' means queer and trans studies.

Bruh never heard of the history of Ancient Greece.
The humanities refute... ivory tower leftists... with immutable ideas... that have matured... over time.
Ahem, I thought you should know the Ancient Greeks thought everything was fire. Check and mate, science.
Is it too bold to claim Roger Scruton was our Livy?
I feel like they're trialing the latest meme after calling Democrats effete, over-educated liberals with their useless degrees in philosophy, history and sociology for the past few decades and it just isn't hitting.
... what is going on here?
Last paragraph and Díaz throws us a curveball.
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