Translation thread for #GabingGabiNaGameboys
Disclaimer: I won't translate the entire show, only those I think are important. But you can tag me if I missed anything. ♥️😊

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V: Welcome to GGV Elijah Canlas & Kokoy De Santos! Team Cairo & Gavreel!

E&K: Good evening Vice.

V: The level of your energy is too far from mine.

E: Sorry.

V: Mine was so lively, but yours sounds like it has fears and doubts.

K: There's apprehension
V: I felt that. There's a mix of apprehension and doubts if we should continue this. Why is it Kokoy?

K: I'm just a little stressed, Vice.

V: Liar.
V: How old are u Kokoy?

K: 22. I'm 22.

V: You Elijah?

E: 20. 20 yrs.

V: Oh so ur at ur legal age already. Coz you look like 17/18/19.

E: I usually get those age roles.

K: My Baby has a baby face.
V: Especially when you cry. When u remember ur father. You really look like a pitiful child.

E: That was actually the goal.

V: Btw, condolence coz ur father died in the series

E: RIP, Cairo's Dad!

V: Condolence but I am smiling. But good thing, it's just in the show.
V: Are u both still studying or have u graduated already?

K: I took Culinary Arts

V: Is it a special course or did you took the Pro degree?

K: Special course. It's supposed to be 2yrs but was compressed to 6 months. So more on hands-on and we went directly to cooking.
V: Wow! Amazing. How about Elijah?

E: I'm still studying. I'm a sophomore at University of the Philippines- Manila.

V: What's ur degree?

E: Philippine Arts

V: Wow! Fabulous! Phil Arts! Very colorful. Very deep. Good luck! I'm more comfortable talking about culinary.
V: Looks like my brain could only cope with Kokoy (culinary). Not with Phil Arts. Good luck!
(Kokoy) Why did you take Culinary Arts?

K: I really like cooking. Ofcourse, when you cook, you need to know the basics. So that if I cook for my Baby, it will be good.

V: Who's ur Baby?
K: This one. (point at his Baby Elijah)

V: Oh! That's your Baby?
V: Personally, do you still call him Baby?

E: *inaudible* He's my Baby.

K: Always. We call e/o Baby when we chat. For example, I have some questions, 'Do we have a shoot today, Baby?'. It has became too casual, that we forget (we're no longer in the shoot)
V: Aw. So you've gotten accustomed to 'Baby'. Cairo, are u Ok with the fact that Gavreel keeps calling u Baby even off-cam?

E: He's my Baby (2x)

K: He can no longer do anything about it, Vice.

E: Well, I actually like it. I like it when I am being treated like an infant
V: Like, when ur diaper is being changed even if you haven't peed yet?

K: I won't changed his diapers. I'll completely removed it. So he won't be wearing anything.
V: oh! You realy are something. Gavreel is really naughty. You're always saying things (in the show) like ur insinuating / suggesting something else. Gavreel is naughty.

K: Just like Kokoy. They are really alike.

V: Really? Looks like u really are a flirt in real life
E: That's true Gavreel is really Kokoy. But I actually like it ( Kokoy being a flirt)

V: How annoying. He likes it.

*'Bet na Bet' means liking something so much.
V: How about u Cairo? Are u like that in rl? Soft spoken. Sensitive. Always holding back.

E: Yeah, somehow like that. But Cairo is more grouchy. He such a grouchy person and hard-to-get. I'm not really hard-to-get, in fact, I am easily swooned .
V: You're not hard-to-get but a raffle-type* in real life? There are guys like that, raffle-type.
But tbh, both of you and ur characters seem really alike.

[TN: *pa-raffle means easy to get. I'm not really sure about this though? 😅]
V: Especially Elijah, he really looks like a Baby in person. Doesn't seem loud. While Kokoy really looks like a flirt.

E: Not just the looks

K: Just in the looks.

E: Are you sure?

V: Between u two, Kokoy looks like the one who's no longer a virgin.
K: Just in the looks.

V: Ofcourse, I have no proof so I'm only saying it looks like ur not a virgin anymore. But are u still a virgin at the age of 22, in this generation?

K: I'm loosing the connection. Choppy signal.
V: You're lying. Swear, even if the hole of ur genital closes?

K: Choppy. The signal is weak .

V: So r u still a virgin Kokoy? Liars will lose their career.

K: Who said I'm a virgin?

V: So ur no longer a virgin?

K: Not anymore. ofcourse.
V: Is it Ok w/ u Elijah that Kokoy is no longer a virgin.

E: I have no control on what happened in the past. All I can manage is what we have today. And Kokoy is loyal. I can say that he is loyal.

K: That's already in the past.
V: Ofcourse, it's in the past. How can you be a virgin in the future?
V: Elijah, u look like a virgin. But is it true?

E: Choppy signal.

V: He's choppy too? I guess ur not a virgin too, you're just shy (to admit it)

E: It's really choppy, Vice. I'm sorry.

K: Is it really? Choppy right?

E: It's a bit choppy. The signal is bad.
V: Did he divulge it to u Kokoy? Coz u two are really close and has been doing the series for a long time. You've probaly shared very private info about each other. Do you think Elijah is still a virgin?

K: I actually wanna know. I'll only know that when we see e/o.
V: OMG! You will attack him when u see e/o in real life? An assault will happen. Let's tune in on what Ep will it be! Elijah, r u a virgin or not?

E: who said I'm not?

V: Wow! He confessed!
V: We actually assumed that Elijah is still a virgin. Coz u look sweet, timid, naive. But it turned out, u also have that strong desire within you.
Is it okey for u Gavreel that he's no longer a virgin?

K: That's actually better. He has an experience.
K: I'll just guide him when he's not getting it right. Like, 'Baby - '

E: Ur so full of urself.

V: They say it's the timid ones who will surprise you. Yes!
E: Signal's getting choppy.

V: Sweet-looking people will surprise u.

K: U don't know they're the type to heave and throw u around

V: U might not know, they're so timid but is actually a Philippine's Got Talent champion.
E: I'm still at the office.

V: You're sleeping there?

E: No, I'm waiting for someone.

K: But I'm not going there.

E: Ur late, why are u still there?

V: He's waiting, but ur late. So he is waiting for someone else? I knew it, Elijah is also a flirt.
E: No (defensive bf mode)

K: What are you doing there? It's already late (concerned bf mode)

E: I didn't say I'm waiting for someone else. (reassuring bf mode)

What's taking you too long (Kokoy)? Have you showered already?
V: It feels like I am still watching GB. Feels like I'm not here! Go on, just talk to e/o! Why r u asking if he's taken a shower?

K: What r u doing there?

E: What?

K: Seriously, what r u doing there?

E: I did some reading a while ago.

K: Owh. That's all?
K: I sent u a message asking what r u doing there, but u didn't answer. We're already in this zoom call, but still u didn't reply

E: Sorry I was busy, Baby. But -

K: Ur unbelievable!

E: But I am really waiting for u. I told u to take a bath first.
V: Why are u asking him to take a bath?

E: I don't like smelly people

K: u're too much.

V: Why? R u going to smell him?

K: Even if I didn't take a bath, I won't be smelly, Baby.

E: Somebody told me that, sometimes u don't take a bath.
V: owh! He's already interviewing people close to you.

E: Ofcourse

V: He's trying to know the personal things (about you). He doesn't like foul odours. So when u finally see e/o, what part of ur body would u let him smell?

K: *confidently show his armpit*
V: Wow. Looks like plantitas* planted in ur armpit. Plants are the trend now.

K: My mom reached my armpit in her planting.

V: Does ur armpit smells nice? Coz Elijah doesn't want -

E: Yes!

*plantitas = people who r into gardening
V: How did u know? When all this time ur just talking thru zoom? Have u two met already? Aside from the one during the plastic scene?

[TN: Oh Mame Vice, he knows. 😏]
E: I just know that it smells nice.

V: How did u know?

E: His deodorant smells nice. I actually want to use the same brand. Ofcourse, I've already smelled his -

K: Baby, shhhh! We're getting caught bcoz ur so talkative. Shhh!
V: Show ur armpits for 5 sec.

K: I'm shy (2x)

V: Yes! Surely, a lot of people screened shot. They will zoom it later after the Ep. Who among u two has a armpit fetish? You, Elijah?

K: *raised hands
E: Only Kokoy's (armpit)

V: Oh Kokoy already admitted it's him.
V: Ur fetish is Kokoy's armpit?

E: Yeah! His armpits smell nice. No joke. They really smell nice.

V: So u would drown urself in his armpits?

K: If he takes a bath and uses his classic deo. Then, I'm game.
K: Would you really drown urself in my armpits? Would you? Answer me, or else, 'sisisirin kita'*

V: Oh! I'm dying!!

K: Why r u not answering?

[TN: Sisisirin kita, literally means 'I'll dive into you', but it's an innuendo for oral sex]
V: OMG, there's 'sisiran' already? I just said 'drowning'.

K: Coz it's taking him a long time to answer.

V: So, do u want to drown in his armpits?

E: I think, I would like it more if -

V: Show ur armpit for his reference.

K: Baby!

V: Oh! Elijah put his tongue out!
V: Kokoy u said u have an armpit-fetish. Imagine that ur armpit is Elijah's. Show us ur armpit again. Imagine it's Elijah's, how will you kiss it?

E: Go on, let me see

V: Kiss it or do whatever u wanna do with Elijah's armpit
K: I can't kiss it. I'll just sleep on it and hug it like this

K: Baby! Sour (?)

V: If ur armpit is not smelly, can you smell it like this?
V: Elijah, do u also have hairy armpits or not?

E: It has hairs, ofcourse.

V: But not as bushy as Kokoy's?

E: Yes

K: My armpit hairs have -

E: It has Fertilizers

K: fertilizer!
V: What do u wear when u go to sleep? When u have no work and just relaxing. You Elijah?

E: Usually, just boxers or nothing.

K: *inaudible*

V: What did he said? Sounds naughty. Other people usually sleep with both boxers and brief

E: I don't. Boxers only.
V: So u only wear boxers.

E: Yes!

V: So it's 'kalembang pana' (dangling) and free

E: i just really like the feeling of openness, airy, and cold

V: Freedom is very important.

K: Freedom!

V: R ur boxers printed/ plain? what size?
E: I wonder what sizes are these. Am I really gonna show it?

V: Take it off and show it to us.

K: *laughing and enjoying the topic about his Baby's boxers*

E: *shows boxers* Here.

V: Wow. Calvin Klein! But its Klayn.

E: What? *looks at boxers* No its not!
V: He really checked it.

E: I got confused for a moment.

V: What's the size of ur printed boxers?

E: My waistline is 30, so small/medium

V: Ur 30? But u look thin!

E: No. It's just in the looks. But, I am loosing weight sometimes because of Kokoy.
V: What? Why? What is he doing to u for u to lose weight? Is he consuming -

E: Didn't u see his blog where we workout together?

V: He likes doing workouts while u just stare from ur phone.

E: And I'm counting wrong. instead of six, I said sex
V: When it comes to Cai & Gav relationship. You two were in a match.

E&K: Yes

V: Cairo won

E&K: It's Gavreel

V: Oh! Gavreel defeated you.

E: That's when he (Cai) got triggered

V: Oh! He got triggered
V: But he (Gav) intended to fight u (Cai) because he likes you from the beginning, right?

K: Yes, I have been lusting after him for a long time.

V: Is it bcoz he looks so fresh?

K: Yes. This kid looks so fresh.
V: What's ur username?

K: Angel2000

V: How about Cairo?

E: Caimazing

E: But he changed it. His new user name is Gav's Baby

K: Gav' Baby *heart eyes*

V: Wow! You two are so annoying. If I ever see u two, you'll see.
V: Ur one of the first who showcased that curtly hairstyle here in PH. Coz in the (United) States, a lot has used it. But here in PH, ur one of the first. And it suits u well.

E: Pioneer! *proud of his baby*

K: I also tried to rebond my hair before

V: Yeah! that's ur brand
V: People loved that about u. The 'bulbonic'* hair of Kokoy

K: This is not the only curly hair of mine

V: Where else Kokoy?

K: Idk, You wanna see it Baby?

V: Ur so naughty. Were trying to behave here. You making us imagine things!

*Bulbonic = pubic hair like
V: Let's say, u became a real life couple. My question is... what is my question?

I mean, all those scenes in GB, is there a possibility that it may come true? Is there a possibility that you might fall in love with the same gender?
-End of Part 1
~Part 2
V: But ur not closing the possibilities

K: There nothing (wrong with being open for possibilities). I think yes. We should all be (open for that). But as of now, I know I am Straight.

V: You Elijah? Looks like you're doubting his answer. You shook ur head a little.
E: Actually, Baby's answer is great. It really is like that -

K: It's OK. You've already left me hanging.

E: The world is really changing nowadays and I think it is better for every person to be open minded. And my answer to the question is, nothing is impossible (2x)
V: When u took ur characters, u studied their personalities well, right?

E&K: *nods

V: Do u know the concept of Top and Bottom?

K: Actually, I only learned about it here. At this show.

V: liar!

E: I don't know that? what is that?

V: I might believe Elijah, But u Kokoy, No!
E: We're dead!

K: I really know nothing, Vice.

V: If u really are the characters in ur BL series. What is Gavreel? Top, bottom or versa?

E: Kokoy / Gavreel?

V: Gavreel first. T/B/V?

K: i think Gavreel is -

V: You drank, I saw that Kokoy!

K: something's stuck in my throat
K: I think he is Top. But he also likes to explore new things. Maybe he could be a Versa.

V: Yeah, I think so to. That Gavreel is Versa. How about Cairo? T/B/V?

E: I think Cairo is Top.

K: Baby!

V: Are u two gonna fight because of that?

K. No!
E: Cairo' s grouchy and looks like he is inwardly naughty

K: Looks like a forcing is gonna happen, if that's the case

E: Well, actually, I think Cairo and Gavreel really suits each other coz they are both Versa. What do you think Baby? possible, right?

K:*Agrees w/ his Baby
V: irl, what would you like Kokoy? T/B or would u also like to be Versa?

E: Kokoy is a Versa

K: I haven't answered yet

E: i thought u've answered already

K: If ever, I think Kokoy is -

V: I think Kokoy is Versa. I feel like he's a 'serbis' before

*'serbis' = prostitute
K: I guess, I'm Top. But I've heard there's nothing wrong w/ being B. They're saying that it's actually fun

V: U know why I like asking Kokoy 1st Coz he will answer. Then Elijah will be pressured to answer too. He's probably thinking 'Kokoy, y did u have to answer like that?'
V: So u r open to being a bottom. But initially you are a Top first, then bottom.

K: Even if I am straight, I have already bottomed b4.

V: You've been a bottom b4 even though ur straight?

K: No. Just the (sexual) position
"I can't handle you anymore, Baby. Wahhh!!!"
K: Just the position

V: With ur sexual preference now, you are okey being under? But usually?

K: Top

V: What's ur position?

K: Top! But I prefer to be the one doing the (*dribbling action)

E: That's already basketball!

V: U will dribble the girl's face?
*a quick break for a very needed cleaning of our minds 😅
V: You Elijah?

E: I like taking charge. So, I'm okey with being a Top.

V: Owh. Want to take charge.

E: But ofcourse, nothing is impossible

V: True. You might get bored if it's always (like that)

E: You also have to spice things up

K: Baby, when you're being like that -
V: 'When ur being like that, you're making me wanna *** you when we meet'

E: Kokoy you bastard!

V: 'Keep saying ur Top. Beware, coz when we see each other: 'Bend over!''

K: Top you say? Bend over, Baby!

V: Bend over, baby, and tell me who's ur Mama!
V: Do u have a man crush? Kokoy?

K: Daniel Padilla

V: Well, it makes sense. You have this Karla (Daniel's Mom) vibes. He will be comfortable with you.

K: We became mother & son?

V: Would u prefer a mother & daughter relationship? It's should be Mother & son
V: You Elijah, who's ur man crush? If u r a girl u would want him to be ur BF.

E: I'm loyal. I could only choose Kokoy.

V: Kokoy, you really are something.
V: What's ur realization about same sex/ same gender relationship? Not the girl-boy or boy-girl relationship.

K: There's no difference. It doesn't differ with us, Straights who falls in love. I think, it's up to the person.
K: If u r holding back and preventing ur self from expressing ur feelings, that's where the problem starts. I believe that you shouldn't hold it in. You shouldn't. Bcoz u r just being in love. There's no difference at all.
K: You shouldn't be concerned about what other people say. Why? Are they the one in love? No, it's you. Who will have the greatest lose if u wont push it through? That's it, I just believe that there is no difference.
V: Is it safe to say that you are a LGBTQIA. You're an Ally?

K: They're calling me that. I guess, yes

V: thank you.
[Never Have I Ever Game]

V: If you've done what I mentioned, you will strip one clothing or accessory off.
What are you looking for Kokoy?

K: I was hoping to wear additional clothing

V: hey! Elijah is wearing a jacket already! Cheater!
V: Kokoy, you weren't able to get additional clothing. You have your necklace, that will do.

E: I'm getting nervous
V: Never have I ever drunk called someone. No? You don't do that? When you call someone, isn't that also a booty-call? Am I right? Isn't it considered a booty call?

E: I think drunk call is... when you are already wasted and you call someone saying 'Why did u leave me?'
V: Oh, u seem well knowledgeable about it Elijah!

Never have I ever kissed a guy

K: Are on-screen kisses included?

V: No, not work related

K: Owh. Never

V: Professional kisses are not included

E: (I) Only (had) professional kisses. But not in real life
V: Kokoy, who's ur on-screen kiss?

K: The first time was with Paolo Ballesteros in the film Die Beautiful. Then Tee Jay Marquez in another movie

V: How was it?

K: It's good!

V: Seriously, Did u (really) find it good?

K: When ur already in the (acting) zone u can't -
K: I'm actually trying to assess if the texture of the lips differs between a guy or a girl. But I think, you just forget everything once ur immersed in the role

V: So at that point, u did enjoy it?
K: Not really. That was just a smackon the lips
[TN: That subtle smirk in Elijah's face though 😏]

V: Oh, so you crave for more?

K: *nods

V: Elijah how about you? What film/project was it?

E: It's not yet released. It's a film with Enzo Pineda by Dir. Jason Laxamana.
V: You kissed Enzo? How was it?

E: It's gritty

V: oh because of the beard?

E: Yeah

K: You were pricked* Baby? Omg!🙄

[TN: *Innuendo: i think what K means with 'tusok' here is 'penetrated' 😳]
V: Did u enjoy it or not?

E: I didn't

V: Ok next! Never have I ever had sex in public. In a public place. Not necessary in public where people watches

K: Actually, that's what I thought

V: Never have I ever had sex in a public place

E&K: Never, never
V: Elijah, are you just shy to admit it?

E: Never! never!

V: I can see ur facial expressions Elijah, it looks like Kokoy's 'never' is more believable. You Kokoy?

K: In the car

V: I think car sex is normal

E: It's legal in Quezon City

V: Yeah it's legal in QC
*Ahh that's why you're Kotse (Car) De Santos!!!
V: Never have I ever experienced oral sex. Hey, why r u waiting for each other? You go first Kokoy. What will you remove?

K: *removes earings

V: What did u remove Elijah?

E: Socks

V: What we mean here is that, ur the one who did it (oral sex)

E: What the-
V: You are the giver

E: Yes. Yeah! Why that face, Baby?

V: Kokoy, why do you look surprised? You've never done that?

K: I want you, Baby, to tell me how you did it?

V: hey (Elijah), your Baby is asking you
E: Your the best on this kind of things, Baby

K: How can you say that, when you haven't even tried (me)?

E: Soon

V: Hey!!Too much!! I'm dead!
V: You removed something too Kokoy, so when it happened, were you the giver or the receiver?

K: I'm actually generous

V: Also, It should be give and take

K: That's should really be a give&take

V: What u want to give, you also want to receive
one last cleaning (hopefully 😅)
V: What's the best thing that happened to u bcoz of this BL series?

E: The best thing that happened is, we still got our jobs despite the pandemic. We had income & still to do what we love, w/c is acting & telling stories.
E: It was the biggest blessing coz a lot of people from our industry right now are jobless. And now, we were noticed more, coz there are less shows and -

V: People r looking for contents

E: Yeah, Gameboys is really a blessing. I think not just for us but to a lot of people also
E: Bcoz people are becoming restless. They can't watch anything. And some are getting depressed. I'd like to think that GB was some sort of a delight during the pandemic, for a lot of people as well.
E: Also, we got some supper loving & thoughtful fans. This was the first time this happened. So we're supper grateful, really.

V: And for now, you still don't feel it's full effect in your lives, coz you're still not going out. You r not allowed to go out yet, right?
V: Once u go out, it will have a different effect. It's different from having a large number of new followers. The physical effect, in time you will feel that. It's fun, as long as you can manage it. Are u proud of this project Elijah?

E: Supper proud!
E: Tbh, at the start, I kinda had doubts w/ the process coz it wasn't (typical). We are just doing the shoot inside our homes. I didn't know that it was possible to do that. But our director, direk Ivan, and the whole Ideafirst Co. Direk Jun and Direk Perci, we pulled it off
E: Super proud. Basically, we are the 1st BL series in the Philippines. Others are now doing the same process that we did and ai would like to think that we were one of the first.

V: Yeah, and it was very magical that you are just watching two people talking to e/o through zoom
V: But u still get hooked. There is an effect on u. Coz that is very difficult, u had a lot of obstacles. You're not actually looking at e/o. U have no physical contact. It's difficult to make us, the audience, feel the connection, but you made it possible.
V: It was very effective and very successful. I had so much fun, and I appreciate watching your series.

K: Thank you

E: Thank you so much. And it really makes me proud, being the first BL genre here in the Philippines plus it's really trending right now.
E: A lot of people are now doing the BL genre. And I think it's amazing for this country & especially for the LGBTQ community. Coz this kind of love is getting normalize, right? Coz as much as possible, the stigma around it is disappearing. And I think that's amazing
V: Yeah! And there's a lot of BL series, but your series is extra special. It's my most favourite.

E: Thank you.
K: Thank you (2x)

V: It's the only series, I continued watching. Each episode is short and would make want to watch the next one.
V: Coz there are other series where after a few episodes, I already lose my interest. In ur series, I get hooked w/ every episodes ending, so I would really watch (the next ep). I am fortunate that the series is almost complete when I started it. I didn't have to wait for a week
V: How about you Kokoy, what is the best thing that happened to u bcoz of this project?

K: Just like what Elijah said. We just don't feel it that much coz we are inside our homes. But in social media, you could feel the support of people whom u haven't yet meet in person
K: Those u haven't fully known yet.

V: Are u proud of this project, and would u be proud of it forever? Coz I've known some people who were in the indie (industry) before. They got good project with meaty roles. They won awards here and in int'l film fests.
V: But it was very daring. With frontal exposure and being fully naked. And their movies have the same concepts like this. But when they became famous, they don't wanna talk about it. So it felt like they are no longer proud of it.
V: That's why I'm asking if will u really be forever proud of this project? Or just for now? Coz this is ur biggest achievement so far.

K: Definitely. Aside from I love this project so much. These kind of projects.
K: I'm the type of person who doesn't easily forget everything I've been through

V: It's not just gays who enjoys watching these shows, specifically ur series, but also a lot of women. Right? They don't see d gender issue. All they see is a love story. It's truly magical, right?
V: It's beautiful. And it should be like that, We have to look at love like its love. It has different colors, it has different sizes & shapes, but it's love. right?

Thank you for giving us a reason to be busy during this quarantine. We had something to do.
V: Coz it's driving us crazy, when we can't watch anything. We are looking for a content that will lift our moods up and make us busy. And you gave that to us. So thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart, I am very thankful. You did something good to me.
V: It's delightful to see u doing this. You're exposing it, and making a lot of people appreciates this kind of love. Thank you for allowing urself be the story tellers. Real story tellers. So thank you very much to the two of you.

K: thank you too
E: Thanks for having us
V: And also,. thank you for having this talk with me. This is not an ordinary talk . I'm sure u had interviews before, but not like this. Thank you for allowing me have this conversation with u. I am not the only one you made happy but a lot of people who requested this.
V: And are having 'kilig' seeing you flirting with e/o. Thank you so much.

E: Thank you so much, Vice.

K: It's an honor to be interviewed by you. Your special, ur Vice Ganda.
V: Again Thank you very much and congratulations. It's time to thank your family and fans.

K: Go Baby.

E: First of all, thank you, Vice for having us. This was really fun. Thank u for supporting the show ang supporting us as well. It really means a lot to us & the entire team
E: Thank you to all who watched. To all the supporters and fans of Gameboys. I hope everyone's safe and I hope everyone's doing well. And we hope to meet u all personaly, as well
V: So copy & paste Kokoy?

K: Yes! Just like what my Baby said. I'm just gonna repeat it. Thank you so much, Vice. It is my dream, as an actor, to be interviewed by the Vice Ganda. Even if it's just through zoom. Hopefully, soon -

V: Eventually in television
K: Hopefully. Thank you coz you, yourself really loved Gameboys. You watched it and you liked it. Thank you to all those who supported until the end.

V: Send my regards to ur bestfriend, Pearl. I'm also delighted by her. She has her moment.
V: It's amazing coz she was also given a moment. It made me like her. Congratulations to all of you.

E: She's having her own show. Pearl Next Door. She has a spin off.

V: Fabulous! congrats Pearl! If ur watching, congratulations! Thank you so much!
-End of thread
Goodnight! 😊
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