Halo 4. Bridge Jimo. Hand that feeds.

White phosphorus. Bengazi. Historical games.


Boys ep5

We are all spiderman. I think that's a metaphor.
Oh shit this was my draft notes for the next thing im writing ignore this
Bridge *jump
I've been thinking alot lately about the relationship between the miltary and video games but when talking about the subject in the modern age it's almost impossible to avoid discussing super heroes. Even though I dont usually enjoy them.
"Look you're the only one who can teach me spiderman stuff so you might as well help me out"
Capture the flag. DARPA games.
UD wargame loss
Domestication results in juvenile traits
In defense of Jack Thompson

John Carmac and the X prize
Let's here it for The Boys: Compound V(ideogame)
Historical example of how the government reacts if you talk world peace on your TV program https://twitter.com/ClassicShowbiz/status/1308162154231558145?s=19
Understanding the recent purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft in the larger context of Microsofts relationship to defense and Bill Gates globally influencing policy through his "philanthropy" https://twitter.com/mig30m6/status/1308315655163256832?s=19
"it’s absolutely the sort of thing that will have usefulness, for the military at least, long after the COVID-19 threat has passed"

Yeah, I bet. This is the first baby step toward something like MGS4s System https://twitter.com/DefenseOne/status/1308472139570442243?s=19
What is this and what does it want? Wrong answers only.
Boys to
Silver Fox domestication
"Do you really think the government would put messages in games targeting children?" https://twitter.com/crt_bot/status/1308535784358572033?s=19
Iworks entertainment, magic edge inc, Sony imageworks
DARPA game crowdsourcing
The need for realism to get accurate data
What if you made war less realistic, instead?
Console Games wernt realistic enough to be used as a technical training tool so they became a differnt type of training tool
"The research areas that CIA Labs cover will include artificial intelligence, bioscience, virtual and augmented reality, quantum computing and advanced materials and manufacturing, among others"

Once again I am ahead of the discourse https://twitter.com/MarkAmesExiled/status/1308594770537852937?s=19
All I'm saying is that according to the original lore by Halo 4 that useless bitch Cortana should be 80 times dead. Shes got the brain the size of the planet why is she incapable of being useful. just there for you to flirt with. And real women in the miltary have it hard enough.
One time in my early teens my mother asked me what videogame I had killed the most virtual people in. At the time it was Red Alert but I would always remeber this question. My few rounds of DEFCON quickly shot it to the top of the charts. /1 https://twitter.com/KBULTRA0/status/1308673336977879041?s=19
I've played so many rounds of XCOM UFO defense that if you counted all the terror attacks I failed to stop, my kills would also be in the millions. But is neglecting to save a city really the same as nuking one? What Alpha Centari where the population of cities is abstracted?
Why am I even asking this? Why am I even considering weighing these thoughts of mass death? Where did I learn this calculus?
I'm undecided about if I even want to bring GATE into this "government fucking with children" conversation or if that's just going to make me look even more insane
Actually, for many reasons it's much more efficient to get people to kill each other

Wow Alan Moore just saved me from figuring out how to explain this by saying it better than I could. Especially the first half was exactly what was in my head. https://twitter.com/Commissariat12/status/1307345209819357184?s=19
"I cant live with you Diana, you're one of Howard's humanoids. You're videogames incarnate."
Researching this now. Not able to find a good English language source about it. Hit me up if you have one (or if you speak Persian, I guess.)

It's umbralievable!
Can we talk about this?
My miltary coworker killed someone. CGIS [SEE-gis] investigated. said his brother was connected to a white supremacist prison gang "the pecker heads". used Woody Woodpecker as a symbol. I'd noticed Woody on his motorcycle seat but had made nothing of it https://twitter.com/Moonsoother/status/1236497074297769984?s=19

Super heroes and fictional special ops teams defending fictionalized Benghazis
Instead of you moving the video game character with your thumbs, the AI will move you https://twitter.com/AINewsFeed/status/1311101423132831746?s=19
They're called videogames https://twitter.com/ShrewdExecutive/status/1311085696967258113?s=19
Okay so first off apparently the first recorded mention of "CTF" rules is a 1800s boy scout manual but for some reasons wiki doesnt mention this. Secongd DARPA holds "CTF" challenges, of a kind, so he wasnt fully lying

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capture_the_flag https://twitter.com/rekils/status/1311904814872375298?s=19
I am rewatching "genocidal organ" tonight. Watch "genocidal organ"
The intersection of the war machine and video games is something that has been driving me crazy lately
there have been "simulator" businesses that had some projects laying around that had been developed for the military. But when the defense dollars got scarce they started finding ways to market them to the public. Ctrl+f: defense
https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1993-12-14-fi-1917-story.html https://twitter.com/mr_scientism/status/1312059456486805505?s=19
I'm so tired https://twitter.com/Microsoft/status/1313162225062875136?s=19
it's been put in the food you eat and the water drink https://twitter.com/quendergeer/status/1315088276554997766?s=19
"In the early 1980s, an Atari arcade game called Battlezone caught the attention of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) planners who saw it as the basis for a simulation and training tool. The concept became SIMNET"

Superhero cargo cults https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1313647250539712514?s=19
trying to SEE WHAT INFO IS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC CONCERNING THE "Transit Protection Training System" I used at that joint coast guard SSBN protection unit. Not much, it seems.
"VR technology comes from aerospace flight simulators, and many of the companies now providing the technology for the games are offshoots of aerospace suppliers faced with declining defense dollars"

I MUST learn about this period of scarce defense $

Watching the most recent episode of The Boys and agsoenqhsodjejsow they are making this top easy.

Its not just Compound V(ideogame)

Its Compound V(iolence)
This is a long shot but if I can find a relationship between operation paperclip/Nazi ratlines and the first NASA aeronautic simulators I'm going to be ecstatic
There are a lot of leads on this wikipedia page that I am going to need to follow up on

In Context of above clip would like to remind everyone:

MR. Butcher might as well be talking to a ubisoft dev
We'll see if I ever find the words https://twitter.com/policefala/status/1315502645394591745?s=19
It's really gross and hard to ignore! And that's kind of the point I was getting at when I brought up "teach me how to be spiderman!" This idols that our culture looks up to have been/are so perverted. But people learn them them take their ques from them https://twitter.com/ChimalpahinXIII/status/1315680172541001730?s=19
I honest ment to post this post and the three below it in this thread not that one but they work in both. Now I just need to tie my The Face Of Another and Mulder and Scully Meet The Weremonster threads in here somehow https://twitter.com/Moonsoother/status/1315522868491415552?s=19
Asked a friend in advertising about what I was seeing in VGs. They said men and women gravitate to differnt kinds of power fantasies. I wondered if this was not an expression of innate desires, but a reflection of different ways were told were inadequate. https://twitter.com/ms_pigtails/status/1315545565674045440?s=19
Obviously this trend goes back to before VGs. Cops and robbers. Cowboys and Indians. Wanting a BB gun for Christmas and being told you'll shoot your eye out.

Military currently has 5 sites running large scale 5g experiments that will "change the way consumers use the internet" including VR/AR experiments at Joint Base Lewis-mcchord https://twitter.com/DefenseOne/status/1315734742818607105?s=19
You hate to see it. https://twitter.com/HotGirlVideos69/status/1315670103221035008?s=19
The guy like to try to win X-Prizes for fun. That's the kinds of games Carmack likes to play. https://twitter.com/JonnyBorders/status/1315689676443979785?s=19
It's Learning

This thread has changed twitters opinion of me

Targeted ads for Raytheon here we go baby
This is partly the kind of thing I'm worried about. Nobody is in control. The war has lasted for 20 years because nobody could stop it even if they wanted to. Children being programmed by autopilot. Is it true? Who knows. https://twitter.com/Moe_Baku/status/1315660234904334336?s=19
But it's very similar to the idea of "the war economy" being an unintended result of the Patriot AI autonomously trying to maximize some things in our culture in MGS4
Fucked on an entirely new level https://twitter.com/BadGameHOF/status/1316023186023038976?s=19
Buddy,,, https://twitter.com/Neon_woof/status/1316038837467000834?s=19
Thread https://twitter.com/osamabishounen/status/1316281925821100035?s=19
“This is a war universe. War all the time. That is its nature. There may be other universes based on all sorts of other principles, but ours seems to be based on war and games. All games are basically hostile. Winners and losers." - William S. Burroughs https://twitter.com/jarurik/status/1316606454967816197?s=19
"...The losers can often times become winners, and the winners can very easily become losers. ”
Concerning! https://twitter.com/qorprate/status/1316963283153375238?s=19
Sometimes it do be like that https://twitter.com/dril/status/160412055386591232?s=19
"NSA Gamified training apps"

I know I know I know I know https://twitter.com/arekfurt/status/1317344035242233856?s=19
Why make videogames more realistic when you can make war less realistic https://twitter.com/alt_kia/status/1317214910472925184?s=19
Hope this dude donates his brain to science https://twitter.com/_flowerguardian/status/1317401691076124673?s=19
Shot. https://twitter.com/CAFinUS/status/1317519219270012929?s=19

I really wanna talk about how kinda fucked this very effective ad campaign was.
A trillion dollar question https://twitter.com/DefenseOne/status/1317637025751851008?s=19
Evergreen https://twitter.com/Noooooooch/status/1306242311303639041?s=09
"The Christmas truce" football game and both countries reactions to it is important to understanding some things https://twitter.com/womensart1/status/1317721946214326272?s=19
We are the cartoon heroes https://twitter.com/BBC_Worklife/status/1295752505687601152?s=19
Frame by frame
To the extreme

How It Feels https://twitter.com/drilbot_neo/status/1317911640470441984?s=19
Important point that I havnt yet elucidated. Primary expense in creating "war dogs" and training marine mammals for warfare is the training itself. It's an intensive process. If you can create a way to standardize or automate that process? Instant money. https://twitter.com/jarurik/status/1318431427134980097?s=19
Its not a perfect comparison but think about the use of virtual environments for training military humans. It's a very similar concept. https://twitter.com/jarurik/status/1318431427134980097?s=19
Part of why I was alarmed when the character in The Boys who can talk to fish expressed his interest in training war dolphins because having him on the team would massively reduce their training costs. Because to him it would be "playing pick up basketball"
Were doomed https://twitter.com/kronayne/status/1318698926120210433?s=19
The ultimate endgame of this "augmented reality for dogs" stuff https://twitter.com/zouavecito/status/1318950761544486913?s=19
It's a complete mystery!

What about cheap plastic crap themed around people beating the hell out of each other? https://twitter.com/yurirando/status/1319428797947498497?s=19
We'll just be there for players to call in killsteaks from us https://twitter.com/TheEpicDept/status/1319424260490858499?s=19
I was already thinking about this subject before, but about 2? months ago I hung out at my cousins place and deeply considered things while playing Halo 4 co-OP with him on a lot of mushrooms

I've been thinking about this a lot in the context of the CIA being "the good guys" (lol) in The Boys. CIA depicted as heroes for wanting to reign in a wantonly racist DHS (that's starting to fuck with the CIAs bigger picture of the world.) https://twitter.com/acczibit/status/1319733083151699970?s=19
"In the digital arms race with China, the only thing worse than fearing AI itself is the fear of not having it at all."

Fuck. Off. https://twitter.com/twishtoo/status/1320493685495242754?s=19
The original idea behind "achievements" in video games, if you trace the idea far enough back, comes from military service medals and awards. I just made that connection. I can draw a line down the history of that idea and how it got into Microsoft.
It is has to do with my current project. And a conversation with the current owner of Virtual World. Where he told me about where all those FASA employees went after Microsoft bought them. https://twitter.com/Moonsoother/status/1295036322294280193?s=19
Incredible. The guidelines for the military's twitch steamers https://twitter.com/vesselskirt/status/1320824288463650816?s=19
I see it even grosser than that. I think its gross they way they're implying the steamers should interpret mention of US war crimes as "personal attacks" https://twitter.com/Sleestak/status/1320831747177807872?s=19
"Protagonist Nick Bishop is a super-soldier remotely controlled via direct neural connection by a man known only as "Controller" in a series of combat missions designed to bring "the North" and "the West" to war."


AND! a lot of people thing Kill Switch was the first "cover shooter" but I think I it copped the concept from "Full Spectrum Warrior" a spin off of a game litterally designed to train people in the military.

Which was produced on contract for the military by Sony Imageworks another name that has come as a attempted contender in LBE VR in the 90's https://abcnews.go.com/WNT/Investigation/story?id=787575&page=1
Many think Gears Of War was the first "cover shooter" when actually it shared a lead designer who had previously worked on Kill Switch. Third person shooters were never the same.
A car in every garage, a bird in every oven, a drone in every mailbox https://twitter.com/303SnowWolf/status/1321179884467572736?s=19
never seen it and probably should get around to it at some point because "military VR experiment turns a retard into a psychic murder machine bent on revenge for the way hes been treated his whole life" is very in line with some thoughts I've been having https://twitter.com/zouavecito/status/1321184471299821573?s=19
A good thread but I'd like you to further hypothetically consider.

What if reality was a simulation created by the military.

What would that look like. https://twitter.com/Scearpo/status/1321305926062792705?s=19
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