It's been hours since the end of #MSS1stShowCase But my feeling is still overflowing, so why not, here they are my fav of #MSSAcrossTheUniverseByNISSIN
This one is from the 2nd song, I like the stage so much, the background screen is so beautiful! And Phi Mew keep smiling and singing to his heart content 💖 #MSS1stShowCase
PS: I couldn't save much from the 1st song bc my internet was so sucks at the beginning 😣
The peak of cuteness of Phi Mew! Look at his fist, look at all the fluffiness 😍😍😍 And Phi was also living his child dream who wanted to become astronaut 🤭🤭 He used this costume so he could safely hugged the lucky fans, isn't he the kindest? 🥰🥰 #MSS1stShowCase
And the 1st VCR!!! The concept is a date with Phi Mew!!! I was squealing to the top of my lungs while I watching it 🤣🤣🤣 This is so sweet and dreamy!!! Love it so much! #MSS1stShowCase #MewSuppasit
Next is the duet with Phi Nice #nicecnx I like his song 'หลอก.' It's easy listening, and his voice is also beautiful 🥰 And in here we could enjoy the RAPPER MEW too!!! #MSS1stShowCase
The 2nd VCR 🤣 This part, the BTS part of safety video is super funny. I laugh so hard here, Phi Mew being so extra, & when "cut" he would laugh shyly or awkwardly 🤭 He is such a cutie, isn't he?! #MSS1stShowCase #MSSAcrossTheUniverseByNISSIN #MewSuppasit
I am glad that they included the practice days in this 2nd VCR. I am so proud of him, no wonder the artist that work with him always say that Phi Mew is a hardworking person. I feel so appreciated as his fans bc he worked so hard to give the best for us #MSS1stShowCase
Still from the 2nd VCR. Not in the best quality, but well you could still see how handsome and cool Phi Mew is!!! I am falling harder and harder for him 😍😍😍 #MewSuppasit #MSS1stShowCase
This one was when the MC gave Phi Mew task to act out some lines. I don't really understand what is the meaning of the lines 😅 but Phi Mew looked so shy before & laughed so hard after he acted out the lines 🤣🤣🤣 #MSS1stShowCase
PS: The last one is bonus bc he looks so cute
Another duet, this time with Phi Wan, the first thought that crossed my mind that time was "waw, such a high pitched song" 😅 but they both could pull it off LIVE! It was superb! Phi Wan's voice is also beautiful and I enjoy his stage performance so much 🥰 #MSS1stShowCase
AND! THE MOMENT THAT WE HAVE BEEN EXPECTING AND WAITING FOR!!!! ALIEN GULF SHOWED UP IN PHI MEW'S SPACESHIP!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Look at his 🍞 cheeks and Phi Mew full bloom happiness 😍😍😍 #MSS1stShowCase
They were playing games and Gulf lost, he had to eat sour & salty plum, and Phi Mew as he cares for his yainong so much 🤣, only allowed Gulf to eat 3 plums while it still more in the plate 🤭 Important notice: they played fair & square this time 🤣 #MSS1stShowCase #MewGulf
And this one the moment when the first tears from Wanjai flow out 😭 They were talking about the future for both of them, Phi Mew was holding his tears, Gulf said he will always watch Phi Mew forever, then they ended it with loving gaze & laugh for eo #MSS1stShowCase
The only hugged that matter in this world 🥰 a symbol that someone that used to has a high wall around him gradually let his guard down to his one & only khun phi 😍 #MSS1stShowCase #MewSuppasit #GulfKanawut
PS: Phi Wan is us each time we see #MewGulf being so sweet to eo 🤭
Another emotional moment for all of us! Phi Mew said thank you couple times & bowed down in a long time in front us. As you are grateful to have us, us too, feel so grateful to know you, have you in our life. I love you Phi Mew 💖 #MSS1stShowCase #MewSuppasit
And it's a wrap! Such a beautiful & amazing showcase! Never expect that I could watch such a good quality live streaming that last for more than 3 hrs with only 799฿, it's really worth it! Thank you so much Phi Mew & everyone who were involved #MSS1stShowCase #MewSuppasit
Btw, I only watched the 2nd showcase, at 19.00 one, so all the moments that I tweeted in this thread only the moments from the 2nd showcase. I wish I could watch the 12.00 one too, but my wallet & schedule didn't allow me buy both 🤣🤣🤣
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