Wow. 15m into the Netflix Challenger doc. I watched the disaster at school like most 80s kids, but didn't think I would feel anything about this. But it's wild to watch it and remember a time when the space shuttle program represented an attempt at egalitarianism re space.
It was supposed to open space up to "regular scientists," not just astronauts. Nichelle Nichols promoted it to help get Black people on board. There was so much hype about McAuliffe being a *teacher.* The idea that space could be for all of us was such a defining thing for me.
I think that's why I can't muster any excitement for SpaceX or any similar private ventures. I know those aren't for all of us; they're for rich people to figure out how they can fly off and leave us behind to rot.

Well, anyway. No more livetweeting; off to watch.
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