Did Ruth Ginsburg Pass Away Awhile Ago?

Alleged Doctored Wedding Photo 🤔

Anyone who's been paying attention the past few days has seen democrats and those on the left stating that "they will burn down congress" if a new Supreme Court judge is
(1) "pushed through before the election".

The narrative is that Ginsburg's own "last words" were that her replacement on the Supreme Court should be nominated by the next president (what a fricking joke).

But the real purpose of this thread is to discuss this claim.
(2) Here is the pic they shared:
(3) Caption for the photo:

Here you can see clearly via my forensic analysis of this ginsburg’ image ITS NOT a high probability she an original element of the actual photo not hard to figure out what the implications are here chance Ginsburg officiated a wedding
(5) I have zero experience in forensic analysis, especially when it comes to photographs but wanted to bring to the bright minds of Twitter researchers....

For the left, it certainly would make sense to announce Ginsburg's passing closer to the election to stir up more emotion
(6) and potential pushback on any Trump nominations.

Let's also not forget that Fox News had a "technical error" reporting Ginsburg's death last year, with a nice little graphic showing Ginsburg and "1933-2019", which adds another layer to this potential conspiracy:
(8) What do we think ?

Can anyone shed light on this for us ?

According to Faux News, she passed on Jan. 21, 2019.

Info-graphic on screen, which they quickly removed.

(9) Not sure if this is accurate but according to this calendar, the last time the Supreme Court convened was July 9th and nothing else is scheduled until later September 29th: https://www.scotusblog.com/events/2020-08/ 
(10) Now we know why Biden was waving to an empty crowd on Sept 15th...

(11) I actually think the pic is doctored to have RBG added in.

I have searched for all the Jabots she has worn over her robe and the only other place this particular Jabot shows up is a wedding in 2019.

I would bet this was taken from that wedding and used for this pic.
(12) Here is the first time that Jabot shows up....exact same earrings, hair, etc.....
(13) And here is the one from the other wedding that may be edited.
(14) There had been ZERO proof of life of the Nefarious RBG for over 2 years before her passing.

Democrats either:

1. couldn't hide her passing anymore for some reason


2. announced it now for maximum political impact in their opinion.
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