Along w/ Mark Kelly in #AZsen, if @ReverendWarnock were to win the #GAsen special outright on Nov 3 (by winning >50% in a field of 20+ candidates) he could be sworn in during the lame duck session.

It would depend on how long it takes to certify the results + other factors. 1/x
Georgia's election process is looking cumbersome already, given how poorly the primary vote counting went. This could delay the initial result.

They will also have to scan physical mail-in ballots, which they can't start counting until Election Day.
When the results come out, & IF Warnock or non-Loeffler candidate passes 50%, then result must get certified (either by Gov. Kemp's office or the SoS or both I am still looking into this process).

If the majority is <50.5%, the challengers may request a mandatory recount.
So the initial results of the race and the certification process would have to wrap up efficiently enough to place Warnock, or whoever won outright, in the Senate before the chamber brought the hypothetical #SCOTUSnominee to a vote.
Additionally, If the margin were below 50.5%, they would have to wrap up, counting the votes, certifying the results, AND fulfilling a likely recount request in time, for this scenario to play out.

end of thread.. for now.
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