The American People did not elect a Republican Senate. Senate Republicans represent 153 million Americans. Senate Democrats represent 168 million.
It's funny watching all these Republicans argue forcefully that they have a god-given right to minority rule.

Hey guys--we can also change how many states there are and how they're carved up. That's not set in stone, you know. ;-)
and honestly: if you think Wyoming *deserves* the same number of Senators as California, you have no moral authority to say anything about "the American people."

Jefferson would have shuddered in horror.
And yeah, that's right: conservatives have no moral authority to govern right now.

The GOP got fewer votes in the Senate. Trump lost by 3 million. Dems hold the House in *spite* of massive gerrymandering.

You have no moral authority to govern. We will end the apartheid.
Anyhoo, Republicans get prickly when you point out that most people didn't vote for them & don't like them, they derive no moral authority from popular will, they survive on gerrymandering, federal largesse & apartheid affirmative action, and don't speak for the American People.
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