CW: Racism

I was having such a nice day alone in my home. Then there was a knock on my door and this happened:
I was asked by my white elderly neighbor to remove my Black Lives Matter sign from my door because she is selling her condo & she is worried that my sign might discourage someone from buying.
I told her absolutely not. I don’t want to live next to someone who wouldn’t buy a condo because of a BLM sign anyway. She assured me that it “doesn’t bother” her but other people might care and added that it’s against the rules of the condo association anyway.
I said “well they’re just going to have to say something to me then.” And she said “I don’t want to have to report you.” I shrugged & closed my door. After she went gone back into her place I went down the hall to tell #PandemicBae what happened & cried.
I cried because I was activated in my whole body. I had been having this lovely day & then suddenly, boom fucking racist bullshit. But then, then friends I activated my rage & my magic.
I’ve got a request out to some locals to see who can make me a BLM wreath to hang on my door. Decorations are allowed, just no signs. So, if she reports me, then I’ll take down my sign and replace it with a wreath. Fuck your racist grandma forever.
Addendum: If there is a Black artist on here willing to make something, let me know. I want something beautiful, a true decoration, with Black Lives Matter on the wreath. Not just a sign in the middle or hanging off it. I think they should still consider it a sign.
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