#Fargo Season 4 premieres one week today!

In the meantime, I’m gonna be rewatching Season 2 (my favourite season of TV eveerrrrrr) and doing a little thread as I go about why it’s basically the best thing that’s ever happened to the world.

You betcha.
Ep1. Waiting for Dutch

Dutch being Reagan. A year before election. 1979. A nation at a crossroads, lives swept up in the unknown: a flailing crime family, an opportunistic mafia syndicate, a veteran cop with an ill wife, a restless beautician and her content husband.

It begins.
A perfect premiere.

It sets the season’s visual and thematic tone immediately - as in, the first two scenes. Every character instantly stands out, it’s packed with memorable dialogue, the diner scene is great and the Peggy/Rye reveal is an all timer.

Lightning pace. First rate.
Ep2. Before the Law

Yesterday’s incidents become tomorrow’s wars. Corporate invades family, family fights back. But this isn’t a normal war, it’s a war between the good, the bad and the unknown. People talk, calmly and rationally, but no-one finds knowledge.

Only bafflement.
It’s the slowest episode of the season, but it might be my favourite? Floyd taking control of the Gerhardt clan is an inspired direction, and the meat grinder scene at the end is a thrillingly tense callback to the film’s wood chipper moment.

The UFO hints in this one. Oh, boy.
Ep3. The Myth of Sisyphus

The hunt for knowledge. Everyone searching, no one finding answers. All lost amid the unknown, the changing tides, but all parties now become aware of each other. Just gotta keep on pushing that boulder up the hill.

Spaceships and strange happenings.
I love the structure and pace of this one. The two standoffs between Lou & the Gerhardt Clan and Lou & Milligan connect all the separate threads super early in the season. Everyone has all the pieces, but no one knows what to do with them.

It’s also where Peggy starts to shine!
Ep4. Fear and Trembling

Lou finds the answers! Four episodes in, the truth is out. Acceptance comes next, but not yet. Gerhardt vs Kansas City reaches a breaking point. Offers and counter offers are made. Family business loses against the corporate. The past is gone.

It’s war.
Another entirely perfect episode. So much plot progression. I don’t know how people can think this season is slow.

Two of my favourite moments of the season here too: Lou begging Peggy & Ed to let him help them, and Floyd holding her son after he botches the meeting. Love them.
Ep5. The Gift of the Magi

Reagan arrives. War rages on. No-one really knows what to do, not even Reagan. Misinformation leads to confrontation. Ed’s American dream goes up in flames while Peggy’s longing for escape is actualised. Sirens at the door.

Irreversible. Ironic.
The midway point of the season. Ed and Peggy’s plan goes up in flames like the butcher shop. So fast paced, so thrilling and tense and shocking. The opening massacre is brutal and the final shot - Peggy & Ed framed in the doorway as the cops arrive - is an all timer. Astonishing.
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