We've been raising a lot of money on Act Blue since Friday. But we need to do more. Get involved. Volunteer to do phone banking & text banking for these Senate Races. Here's a thread of links for you to get involved. #AdoptASenateRace
Jaime Harrison ( @harrisonjaime) is running to unseat Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. Here's where you can get involved. #AdoptASenateRace https://go.jaimeharrison.com/page/s/volunteer-sign-up
Theresa Greenfield ( @GreenfieldIowa) is running to unseat Joni Ernst in Iowa. Here's where you can get involved. #AdoptASenateRace
@DrAlGrossAK is running to unseat Dan Sullivan in Alaska. Here is where you can get involved. #AdoptASenateRace

Adrian Perkins ( @PerkinsforLA) is running to unseat Bill Cassidy in Louisiana. Here's where you can get involved. #AdoptASenateRace

And of course once you #AdoptASenateRace, don't stop there. Here's where you can get involved and help get @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris over the finish line & make it so Donad Trump finally keeps a promise & never talks to us ever again. https://joebiden.com/take-action/ 
And again here are the links where you can donate money for Senate Races. #AdoptASenateRace https://twitter.com/lynnv378/status/1307130211482447872
@postcards4USA also provides instructions for you to send postcards for campaigns. #AdoptASenateRace https://postcardsforamerica.com 
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