Couldn't vote for Corbyn because it was against your material interests and antisemitism was the excuse you needed to sleep at night for fucking over so many people.
It's fine man, it was an easy out, understandable why people reached for it.
There's no shame in being a morally weak person, happens to many
The only intellectually consistent - if completely deranged - position is those guys who get mad at journos who say Keith has improved things, and say "how could Keith have supported a labour party led by antisemitic radical Jeremy Corbyn in 2019".
Because you cannot have peddled the idea that Corbyn was an existential threat to Jewish people in the UK and in good conscience remained in the same party as him. You'd be a fucking monster to do that!
Corbyn himself said something along the lines of "yeah I wouldn't have voted for that version of me either". But to present that as a fictional portrait was to become an apologist for antisemitism
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