I keep seeing a lot of disinformation under the #uktransrights A transphobic doctor cant stop you from accessing the GIC. You don't have to 'live in role' for two years to access treatment.
That changed in 2013
My advice for those on the waiting list is do as much as you feel comfortable with. Change your name, change your NHS marker, change your documents and if you can access hormones privately. You can do all of this without having to go 'fulltime'.
Your transition can be at your own pace. You have full control and autonomy over who you are.
Don't believe the media. They are liars.
The changes to the GRA are administrative only. They do not affect access to help.
The waiting lists are abhorrent.
Changes to the NHS to move to a different model of local access is far more important than the GRA.
Informed consent is the model we need. HRT from a local GP without needing to go to a GIC is being trialled.
That's what we need to fight for.
We need to get away from the 3 year waiting lists and have easier access to help.
Let the transphobes argue over what they call self ID. It makes no sense anyway.
We need to fight for better healthcare
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