"Black Americans should be grateful for slavery," reads one column published in @elnuevoherald every Friday, "because it brought them to this country" and "says they have 'contributed nothing to the greatness of America,' and should decamp to Ghana if they don’t like it here."
The column also labels "LeBron James, Obama and Muhammad Ali, whom he insists on referring to as Cassius Clay" as racists, writing "There is no people in the world more racist than Black Americans, who are always accusing the whole world of racism."
"MLK’s desires have been betrayed, not by whites, not by the legal system, not by 1 political party, but by blacks themselves who abuse the words of a few & yearnings of many to exploit & maintain past inequalities for the sole purpose of their personal ambitions & enrichment."
Another column inside @elnuevoherald castigated American Jews as "cowards" for supporting racial equality, compared #BlackLivesMatter to Nazis and their protests to Kristallnacht and the Holocaust. "What kind of people are these Jews? I don’t like them. I don’t like them at all."
The inserts also called Islam "filth," Native Americans "primitive," said " #BlackLivesMatter activists and supporters should be killed," wished a meteor would wipe out the "miserable population" of "the damned Chinese race," and lavishly praised Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.
"Also in every issue was a half-page column by Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent @MiamiSup Alberto Carvalho, with his photo at the top, on topics related to public education."
"Libre" is published by con man slumlord, ex-Miami Commissioner and ex-School Board member Demetrio Perez, Jr. who pleaded guilty to defrauding the federal government's Section 8 program by overcharging poor tenants in his apartment buildings #BecauseMiami http://latinamericanstudies.org/exile/demetrio-fraud.htm
As city commissioner and self-appointed government censor, Perez Jr. wanted to ban SCARFACE from shooting in Miami unless Tony Montana was rewritten as "a Communist agent infiltrated into the United States by the Fidel Castro government" #BecauseMiami https://vice.com/en_us/article/wdpy7q/a-violent-stripper-a-crazy-naked-man-and-4000-pounds-of-cocaine
Perez owns a chain of private for-profit indoctrination grade schools (a conflict ignored while on the public school board), where he wrote the textbook, an ideological rant on prayer, dinner table etiquette, civic morals & how Nixon, America’s greatest president, got a raw deal.
Nowhere in any of the weekly inserts did it indicate they were a "paid ad" or "advertorial." The content appeared to be an editorial extension of @elnuevoherald, including hate speech published under the byline of a former longtime El Nuevo contributor.
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