Things I’ve heard from the pulpits of white churches this month:

“We don’t say ‘Black lives matter’ here because we don’t want to be confused w/the Marxist organization.”

“We won’t be talking about racial reconciliation because race doesn’t exist; it’s a social construct.”

“We don’t talk about race as being socially constructed because that comes from critical race theory, a secular religion.”

Three different sources, three different forms of reasoning, same impact: to silence people and control the narrative. And none of it’s biblically based.
This is just a sampling of reputable Dallas churches—not ones that lean toward extremism. One quote is from the lead pastor of a very powerful megachurch. Another is from the Sr pastor of a church that’s passionate about sending & supporting missionaries overseas & stateside. /3
These arguments remind me of the ones that pro-status-quo white Christians made after Brown v. Board declared segregation to be unconstitutional. They claimed to be protecting orthodoxy, esp. from Marxist threat, but their arguments were weak and eisegetical. /4
However, there were white Christians who presented solidly biblical arguments for racially integrating churches and Christian schools. Here’s an example of that. You’ll see a stark contrast. /6
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