For several days, I wrote about Phil Connors and his 10k repeating day, about 3,650,000 days. There are 4 important points to Phil's story.

1. How many times he needed to repeat mistakes.
2. Achieving emotional/spiritual maturity.

3. The story's applicability to the individual.
4. Its applicability for society.

A problem Phil has is not having a teacher, mentor, to help him on his journey.

[I never use the word 'guide' because a guide takes you where s/he has been, and it may not be where your journey needs to go.] Having a mentor helps stop so many repetitions for growth.

Society also repeats its mistakes, as in "history is repeating."

But, society does change and grow, and as much as a mentor helps individuals, mentors help society through its challenges leading to emotional growth.

I chuckled at a tweet this past week from an historian who wrote historians would be the best people to keep our awareness

active of past events so they are not repeated. This responsibility does not belong to one person or group, but we all must be responsible for society.

Is there a way for society to stop repeatedly bashing its collective head against a wall?

One aspect of the answer is to 'remember.' Remember not just deaths, but the powerlessness we feel about the unfolding horrors engulfing us. Once we lose the feeling we go back to sleep, leaving it for a future generation to experience, to 'wake up.'

This is the importance of holy days and holidays. We have these days to remember not just events, but to remember the feelings associated with the event.

Without the feeling, the day is just another day to go shopping.

Phil and Rita do marry, have kids, a dog, a cat, and lived happily ever after.

No, they didn't. They fought. One of the kids was a delinquent. The dog pooped in the house, and the cat clawed the drapes and furniture to shreds.

But you know what? Perfection is not a goal, but the journey is what matters, as Phil will tell you.
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