So I tried to make a pot roast yesterday and it failed. Way overcooked & dry. Not seasoned enough. So now I’m trying to salvage the meat into something else. Starting with making a hash this morning for breakfast.
Ok so I took some of your advice. First meal attempting to salvage overcooked pot roast: spicy beef breakfast hash (on my balcony)
So I cubed the meat and cooked it in: orange juice, garlic, butter, soy sauce, onion powder, chili powder, salt, pepper, and some mango jerk sauce. Then I sliced and fried the potatoes that were in the crockpot with the roast yesterday.
I cooked one scrambled egg in a cute tiny pan that makes a perfect egg circle and added some spicy cheese on top. The result was way better than my dinner last night. So now I feel less than a failure & more like a creative champion.
I don’t cook a lot. This year has forced me to develop my skills more. But I do love good food so I think my instincts on flavor combos is good, I just don’t always know how to execute.
Also, I always forget to take pictures before I eat because, hungry, but this time the plate was so aesthetically pleasing with the purple potatoes mixed in that I actually remembered!
I do think tacos or enchiladas are most likely my next step. Thanks for your help yall!
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