Data, understanding deficit narratives & systemic racism in Canada: 1)”Blacks” here refer to Black ppl/Black Canadians, not NZ’s All Blacks. 2) In Canada, Black ppl make up 3.5%/1.2M of the pop &, like Indigenous ppls, experience harsher treatment than White ppl for same offenses
3)The must-read book on the role of algorithms in oppression and reinforcing systemic injustice is:

Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism (2018), which the author, Safiya Umoja Noble, discusses here. #diversity #STEM @YouTube
9)Data can help us illuminate/track racial disparities, systemic inequities. Some are concerned about the collection of “race-based data” bec: 1)data might be misused to reinforce notion of “races”; 2)data might be misused to underwrite deficit narratives
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