A thread of awards and nomination of @sidharth_shukla for his contribution in entertainmemt industry as an actor #SidharthShukla
@sidharth_shukla won Gladrags worlds Best Model in 2005 and became the first asian to hold the title of worlds best model #SidharthShukla i
In 2012 @sidharth_shukla won Golden petal most famous couple award with his costar Pratyusha Banarjee and he also won the award of Most famouse face (men) . He was also nominated for most famous new member( male ) #SidharthShukla
In 2012 he was also nominated for Best Actor in a drama series for the character of Shivraj shekhar in Star guild Awards #SidharthShukla
@sidharth_shukla also won INDIAN TELIVISION AWARD Great performer
Of the year (male ) in 2012 #SidharthShukla
In 2013 @sidharth_shukla won the Zee Gold Best Actor award for Balika vadhu
@sidharth_shukla also won 2013 India Tv Yuva Awards for Best TV artist (male) #SidharthShukla
@sidharth_shukla won Golden Petal Most Famous Face award in 2013 and he was also nominated for most popular Jodi with Toral Rasputra and he also got nominated for Star guild Awards Best Actor in Drama series
In 2014 @sidharth_shukla Got Nominated for BigStar Most Entertaining Actor and India Telivision Awards Great on Screen Couple award #SidharthShukla
In 2014 @sidharth_shukla was awarded by Zee Gold Most Fit Actor (male) and Geo Spa Wellness Icon Of The Year #SidharthShukla
In 2015 @sidharth_shukla won Stardust Breakthrough Supporting Performance Award . He was also Awarded as Telivision Style Most Stylish Leap from Tv to Films
In 2017 @sidharth_shukla was awarded as ITA Best Actor Male as well he was also nominated for Golden petal Best actor male #SidharthShukla
In 2017 @sidharth_shukla won the Hindustan time Most stylish Awards for The Most stylish Tv personality Of The Year #SidharthShukla
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