Ok you know what jaywon moments thread because they're my most favorite friendship/family in the world
Jaywon wearing their neck pillows in matching stylish ways
Our first jaywon selca
Jungwon stealing Jay's bed
Just this whole video
And Jay's comment for Jungwon "cuteee 😘"
🥺🥺🥺 https://twitter.com/enhypenwevers/status/1307165381690183686?s=19
Jay being Jungwon's backpack part 1
Same moment but close up
Jay being Jungwon's backpack part 2
Each other's backpacks
Jay being Jungwon's backpack part 3
Jay as Jungwon's backpack #4 with bonus "lechugo jay hyung!"
"if you got eliminated I was going to break the egg and run out"
Backpack part 5
“why do you look so cute wearing this?”
"You're pretty even when you cry"
Jay promising he will come back
Soothe the pain away 💖
Jay being a cutie talkative hyung and probably spitting on jungwon and then Jay's pout afterwards 😂
Same moment but a bit earlier with Jay making cute faces at Jungwon
Jay trying to get Jungwon's attention but getting ignored 1
Jay trying to get attention 2
Jay following Jungwon, a never ending saga
Still following Jungwon
Following Jungwon but this time with Fake Love
It's ok, I'll sit with Jay hyung~
Tummy pats 💕
Jay hyung~ vs JAY
Both choosing each other as charm they want to steal and as a real brother
Tl from @/ilandeggies
Bucket hat
Fixing Jay hyung's hair~
The most supportive hyung in the world
Supportive hyungs 💗💗
Let's get that badge back 💯
Also Jay took Jungwon (and Heeseung) to Brunei even before iland but we're not supposed to know that so 🤐
Let me in on the joke 👀
Backpack part 6
First to welcome him 💖
Their little dance 💃
Da da da da da da
"it's Jungwon for sure"
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