It always amazes me just how terrible Julia Roberts outfits in Notting Hill are
This is the best one in the whole movie and it’s...fine?
Even in an era where everybody wore oversized pants and clunky shoes...again her best outfit
Meanwhile Emily Mortimer...
even the Henry James outfit
This is *almost* the worst one (part 1)
Love that the conclusion to this scene is “ok, it’s over, here’s a multi-million Chagall.
Love Julia/❤️ film. But she’s supposed to be a movie star. Like the leading one of time. And her clothes, even by 90s standards... is the costume designer trying to send the Ur message of the film...we’re all the same/kidnapped by flip-flops
Thugs suit was also terrible in 90s
I do like the wedding ensemble
Now she’s wearing Queen Victoria’s funeral dirge, but most shoulders
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