America’s a rolling disaster b/c White supremacists are in power. Stop omitting that detail from your hot takes. The GOP isn’t just usurping power for power’s sake, they’re doing it for the purpose of upholding White patriarchy/theocracy/supremacy, indefinitely. Tell the truth.
Everything they want the SCOTUS for is a crime against humanity.
Everything they want Congress for is a crime against humanity.
Everything they want the WH for is a crime against humanity.
Everything they want the state legislatures for is a crime against humanity.
Everything the GOP stands for is a hate crime against humanity.
Today’s GOP has been destroying America since 1861, that’s the reality. They haven’t become something new and unrecognizable, they’ve reverted back to their Confederate roots. They haven’t broken the system, they’ve restored it to its default oppressor settings.
This isn’t governance, it’s a glorified Klan rally. Stop letting them hide behind the gamesmanship and banality of “political strategy” when every abuse of power they commit is a *promise* to abuse & destroy actual human beings. Every end they seek is an apartheid and a genocide.
Fake legitimacy and beneficence have been granted to the Republican Party because too many Americans from all walks of life outright refuse to accept the basic FACT of history that the GOP is a White supremacist hate group and terrorist crime syndicate at home and abroad. Period.
The GOP is the Confederacy party. If you start from that basic premise, there’s no logical fucking reason why you’d STILL expect any modicum of human decency, rules, norms or morals from them while they’re literally usurping power to re-implement Jim/Jane Crow in real time.
Just b/c the GOP hasn’t explicitly declared a civil war doesn’t mean they aren’t waging one within the corridors of power. Hitler/Third Reich comparisons may be apt, but so are Confederate ones, either way the genocides began with corrupt consolidations and abuses of power.
Hence the reason Trump’s closing (and opening) argument is an ode to slavery/Confederacy. White supremacy is the ONLY promise he’s kept to the GOP base b/c it’s the ONLY promise that truly matters to them. He hasn’t cured their “economic anxiety”, he’s inflated their Whiteness.
We have concentration/human trafficking camps with eugenic uterus snatchers at the border, racist killer cops executing unarmed ppl & running slave patrols in BIPOC communities, and a public health catastrophe killing thousands by the day b/c that’s what *White supremacy* wants.
Every disaster America’s contending with is a function of White supremacy getting its way. It isn’t a mystery why the overwhelmingly White GOP wants absolute power or who they want to subjugate with it, so stop granting them the benefit of doubting their Confederate motives. Now.
None of this shit from the GOP is new, they’ve gotten away with the same heinous tactics for decades b/c said tactics haven’t been rejected by the White voting majority yet. They’ve “hidden” the war within the corridors of power but the mounting death toll is proof of the battle.
Also I’m tired of hearing people say Trump did this to the GOP as if their most glorified standard bearers weren’t also White supremacists. If you believed better of them, the Southern Strategy worked wonders on you & I don’t mean that in a good way. Examine why you fell for it.
The GOP didn’t end up here by accident and Trump isn’t off script. This is the Southern Strategy hymnal and it works b/c hatred of Black people knows no regional bounds in America. It works b/c everyone else has to be on their knees for them to feel tall. Don’t omit that either.
The other way it works is by violence and preferential treatment of the White supremacists who pose the greatest threat to our national security. The GOP becomes a dove when the terrorists are Confederates b/c they’re all on the same side of the battlefield. Stop omitting that.
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