THREAD : If money was not an option and you gave an unlimited bank account to most Christians to change the world, most wouldn't change anything. Instead they would imitate the world and make a christianized hand me down version of something the world already invented.
We see this with the Israelites in Egypt. They didn't care that they were free, they did not care that they had all the rules and regulations to build a tremendous new nation. They wanted to go back to Egypt and simply be fed.
We see this over and over again with Christian business and Christian entrepreneurs. They never build something new. They always settle for imitations.

Taking dominion is not about creating Christian ghettos that allow us to live comfortably within the boundaries of
pagan civilizations, it's about building Christian empires so that the pagans can be uncomfortable in their ghettos and be jealous of the Christian Worldview.
When you invest your money ask yourself if that company or organization is truly committed to changing the world or OK simply being fed three meals a day from Pharaoh.
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