Decided to lie in bed without earplugs for now cos I always surf twitter for an hr before bed anyway but the cunts upstairs are so noisy it’s a miracle I ever got any sleep in 2 year. They’re literally dragging their chair, dragging something metal??? then clang here crash there
Stomp here stomp there like a fat elephant... I usually surf twitter with earplugs on so I just fall asleep when I’m tired, so it’s pretty shocking to me how much mouse they are actually making at 7am in a Sunday. geezus christ if I never bought that 300 pack of 3M earplugs from
china I’d have committed suicide by now. I’m pretty sleepy rn; idk if u know what I’m talking about but every sound is sending a jolt thru my body/head cos I’m kinda falling asleep rn. Anyway I’m gonna put my earplugs on now & pray they don’t knock. Fml
Also reading this thread and realizing how many typos I made. Lol. I’m dead tired after the 刮痧 today my whole body aches
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