Video: Hundreds gathered at the steps of the Supreme Court throughout Saturday to mourn the passing away of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Candles, flowers, chalk messages and letters were left at the steps of the court as the crowd paid their respects.

#RuthBaderGinsburg #RBG
Last night, mourners were able to stand on the steps of the court itself, and used candles to set up makeshift memorials.

Today, the steps themselves were barricaded off, and police blew out any lit candles, calling them a "fire hazard."
Some spoke out against confirming a new justice ahead of the election.

"Fair is fair, you have to know that our democracy is on the line. And if you just want to have a civil war then let's skip the whole damn election," one said. "But if you want to be fair, you need to wait."
Historian @donfolden asked "How come you can't push no stimulus through?"

"If you can push them judges through, push some money through for the people. Do that. That's the right thing to do, that's not going to get done."
"Trump is an unstable penis!" one large banner at the RBG memorial read.

I asked the guy about the sign.

"I'm sad, but the reason I come out with a sign like this is I think she would like it," he said. "I think she would like the people to be motivated."
Here is my HD footage summary from today's memorial for #RuthBaderGinsburg. As always, all footage available for license.
I have another story from a freelancer to receive/edit/publish, so for now I don't believe I'll make it back out.

However, tonight there is a nighttime vigil planned as well, I recommend following @aletweetsnews for more on the ground.
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