A word about awards voting. The NBA goes to great lengths to get a broad cross section of voters who all have different criteria for voting. That is intentional. You want a broad cross section of broadcasters, beat writers, columnists, radio play by play guys, former players.
Some voters prefer statistical based arguments. Some vote for who they think the best player is. Sometimes it’s best player on best team. Some are swayed by leadership. Each year, each vote is different. But if you have a broad cross section that should even out.
I learned a few weeks ago why @TonyReali docks us points on @AroundtheHorn for using the word narrative talking about voting. It’s an oversimplification that writers tend to use as a crutch when they explain things.
What I really meant is I tend to look at the totality of a player’s season in voting for MVP. Not just stats, although statistics can be a great measure. This year for me, the totality of LeBron’s season earned my vote.
Taking a team that had missed the playoffs six years in a row to the No 1 seed. Stabilizing a franchise in disarray after Magic stepped down. Playing point guard at age 35, leading league in assists, plus wins over the Bucks and Clippers as a closing argument
You can debate my vote or all of our votes all you want. Debate is good. But today I’ve seen on social media are personal attacks on the right of some of my colleagues, like @MariaTaylor or @TaylorRooks who know the league better than anyone.
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