I am disabled. I ID as disabled bc disability culture is real, it's my culture, I get to claim that culture. That culture has been built by those who came before me who were disabled, and I get the honor of identifying with them. We are a collective. We have our own history. 1/3
I'm tired of seeing all of these tweets about how to refer to disabled individuals. Call us disabled. That's the norm. If we ask that you call us "people with disabilities" then do so. But the most common phrase is disabled, hands down. 2/3
If you disagree and you're able bodied go read up on disability history, esp Simi Linton's book Claiming Disability. When I claim that I am disabled I inherit a history, a culture, and a community. There's no shame in it 3/3 #DisabilityTwitter #Disability #AcademicChatter #MedEd
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