It’s like someone has to stay at #1 forever for people to admit that they have had impact. Everyone fades and dies. Everyone stops releasing eventually. If your fav is in their 20’s and releasing and you think that makes them “relevant” it doesn’t
It means they have a label. Having a label doesn’t make you relevant lmao. What happens after your label is what makes you relevant. What happens after you’re not being forced into others faces by radio, playlisting, scammies, etc. is your true impact
The moment someone steps away from the #1 spot, dumb ass stan twitter wants to call someone a flop or irrelevant. 😭 you feel big and bad cause ur fav is #1 like a chart position equals quality or worth. A lot of the people charting consistently right now, are trash.
Some of you guys care more about the charts than you even do what you’re listening to. If it’s #1 it doesn’t matter if you actually like it or not because billboard has told you it’s the most played, so you must like it. The lack of personality and authenticity is transparent.
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