How about a #TheWestWing art thread? For a while, I've been making episode posters inspired by the show when I find the time. Just debuted three new prints this week so I'll take a minute to showcase the series (so far).
First up: 17 People. Many Sorkin-era episodes have a stage-play feel to them and this battle-of-wills is no exception. Available at:
Next is one of the new arrivals: Hartfield's Landing. Bartlet's mastery of both chess and international diplomacy are on display. The chess aesthetic made for a fun poster design. Pre-order at: 
One of my favorite episodes of television, let alone #TheWestWing, is Two Cathedrals. This limited edition print is long sold out. I get a ton of requests for it so maybe I'll make it available again in a different format? Let me know who's interested.
"The Supremes": a stand-out post-Sorkin episode, and one we will unfortunately be reliving in real life very soon but likely without the altruism found here. Almost sold out but available for now at:
We hear a lot about the filibuster in Congress - "The Stackhouse Filibuster" brings it front and center. I'm a sucker for clock-centric design when it matches the subject matter. Find it here:
I do a ton of sci-fi-centric artwork so this poster was second nature. "Galileo" is available here:
Is #WestWing a drama? When why does it make me laugh so much? A nod to Abbott and Costello posters in this print for "Celestial Navigation". Get one here:
One of my favorite episodes of #TheWestWing (and apparently many of yours too since it's sold out) is "Bartlet for America". The gift scene at the end gets me every time.
Maybe the first truly great episode of the series (but aren't they all?) is season one's "In Excelsis Deo". A freshmen show running on all cylinders and an incredible performance from @Richard_Schiff. Find the print here:
Recently rewatched "Posse Comitatus" and it's as heart wrenching now as it was 18 years ago. And @AllisonBJanney is as brilliant as ever. Also possibly heartbreaking? This print is sold out. Sorry!
Speaking of the brilliance of @AllisonBJanney, she's front and center in the print for "The Black Vera Wang." I love episode titles that don't pay off until the very last moment. Find the print here:
I did something unique for "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen" I & II - I made the two prints interconnect. I worked hard for each to stand on their own but I'm very happy with how they work together. Find them here: and here:
"The U.S. Poet Laureate" is an episode that flies under a lot of people's radar but it has a ton of great moments. I tried to work all three storylines into the art. See if you can spot them. Prints here: 
"The Two Bartlets" - the President and Uncle Fluffy. It was fun finding a way to show the two sides of one man in a single image. Print is sold out.
Another of my all time favorites is "Noel". The hole metaphor in the episode was the big inspiration for this design, along with the brass quintet. Available as a print here: 
The #WestWing is a wonderful show that makes me laugh, cry and think. Sometimes it feels more like fantasy than real life but I'd like to think we can work to bring our real politics to high level it depicts. And that's going to wrap up my #TheWestWing episode print TED Talk.
As a post-script to this thread, I've got a new variant edition up for "Two Cathedrals". Find it here:
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