I honestly can't emphasise this enough. British public schools make either:

- Broken miserable wrecks permanently traumatised by the system

- Unrepentant sadists who think kicking beggars to death while burning money in front of them is the very height of comedy https://twitter.com/LindsayPB/status/1307418072714752005
I also can't emphasise enough that the latter are the people currently running the country, and have been since 2010.

Whatever the hell they say in public they honestly think that punching down at the poor and desperate is both fully proper and deserved, and jolly good fun.
People ask me if I'm afraid of sociopaths, in the pure "lack of empathy" sense. Not particularly. Truth is most of them are harmless - intelligent enough to realise stamping on other people tends to end badly.

Sadists are what scare me. People for whom causing pain is a kick.
For the record I reckon some people *are* predisposed to it - and from my experiences as the unfortunate attendee of a fee-paying school I can say that if you take that predisposition and add enough money to insulate from all consequences then you get utter monsters in return.
The worst - the very worst - people at my school were people with filthy rich (relatively) parents who made big donations to the place, and so the school bent over backwards to accomodate their behavior no matter how depraved it got.
I think the worst incident was this - one of the art labs had a walk-in kiln used for firing pieces for the A-level students.

Some little shit pushed a kid (widely rumoured to be gay, for the record) into it and started playing with the controls, threatening to turn it on.
You can imagine the scene. I won't go into details.

What I will say though is I got into more trouble for breaking that fucker's nose and letting his would-be victim out than he did for threatening to straight-up murder another student.
Now take a person like that and put them in charge of the country.

That's the modern Tory Party in a nutshell.

They have no morals, no decency, and cannot be reasoned with.

Like a rabid dog, they must be destroyed. Do not ever be in any doubt about that in the days to come.
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