Cut no deal. Bust the caucus. 4-4 court. ACA goes down. Stay with me here. 1/x
Give them that justice. Yeah, I said it. 2/x
Nov. 3: Flip the Senate. (Also, McSally loses special to Kelly, who is sworn in immediately.) Hang on. 3/x
THIS IS THE FIGHT >> 1/22/21 — DC and Puerto Rico statehood, 4 Senate seats; expand SCOTUS 4 seats; kill filibuster; impeach Kavanaugh; go after gerrymandered maps; restore Voting Rights Act including pre-cert; automatic voter registration at 17 1/2.
Pass UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE with brand new, clean bill. Make college free, erase student loan debt. We aren’t at 100 days yet. 5/x
Enact gun safety reform and restore reproductive rights nationwide. 6/x
Oh, and because you’ve restored VRA and started ripping up gerrymandered maps, you’ve now got a chance to win back statehouses across the country. 7/x
What do you get with that? SWEEPING CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM. End mass incarceration. Destroy the school to prison pipeline. 9/x
I could go on all day. But you see where I’m going. /fin
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