When most international players were not ready to visit Pakistan, Samit Patel and Ravi Bopara were two of the names who came forward and visited our country. Their contribution played a vital role in international Cricket returning to Pak. Both of these players are Indian origin.
They could have thought as typical 'enemies' but they didn't. They thought as rivals and friends, but not enemies. Yes we are enemies at borders. But there are individuals on both sides who want to promote peace. Could be through music, through entertainment or through sports.
If you don't want to watch IPL, you should not. They didn't allow our players, they play tricks, you can boycott their league and you are on the right side. But if you are watching and trying to convey a message of peace or brotherhood or unity, you aren't wrong either.
Those who are watching, let them watch and let them do what they want to do and what seems better to you. Those who are on boycott, let them boycott. No party is wrong here. Spread peace, preach peace, and make peace. #PakistanZindabad
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