The importance of the rose in Lady Gaga's 911 short film🌹

The rose is a common association with the Virgin Mary. A saint believed that there were roses in the Garden of Eden, initially without thorns, but which became thorny after the fall, and came to symbolize sin itself.🌹
This is referenced in the scene where Gaga is accending to heaven with a fresh rose with no thorns, to a wilted rose covered in thorns as shes pulled back to earth. The sin? There could be a few theories. We know Gaga loves to draw inspiration from Catholic culture in her art too
The rose was a privileged symbol for Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Her other titles were Rosa Mystica or Mystic Rose.

This is again referencing the rose that Gaga is holding as she's passing away, until the doctors bring her back to life. 🌹
"In Greco-Roman culture the rose's symbolic qualities represented beauty, the season of spring, and love. It also spoke of the fleetness of life, and therefore of death. In Rome the feast called "Rosalia" was a feast of the dead: thus the flower referred to the next world." 🌹
Throughout the video Gaga's hair is styled to look like a rose or a bunch of roses depending on the look.🌹
As well as her hair, in this scene we can see rose petals being thrown into the air as Gaga walks by. 🌹
In Armenia, there is a parade called the Rose Parade, with huge floats made from thousands of roses.

Gaga may have wanted to show some appreciation for one of the biggest events of the Armenian people by including roses in the video.

Can you see the pomegranates on this float?
Some of Gaga's clothing and accessories throughout the short film also references roses.

From the full body black outfit covered in colourful roses, to the spikey headpieces that resemble the thorns of a rose, to the lace on the last black outfit before she is brought back 🌹
Maybe Gaga could be eluding to her last short film, G.U.Y., an ARTPOP film as roses were a common symbol in that video too.
Lastly, Gaga's favourite flower is roses. She has two tattoos of roses, one on her lower back of a bunch of roses climbing up her side and the other is her La Vie En Rose tattoo she got for A Star Is Born 🌹
Whatever is the true perception of why the rose is so prominent in the 911 short film is definitely up to ones own interpretation.

I can't wait to hear more of Gaga's artistic vision when it comes to this film. I'm so happy to see her creativity is very much alive and thriving🌹
A closer look at @ladygaga's beautiful rose outfit which inspired this thread🌹
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