My guess is that we're entering a protracted general crisis, with the constitution at the center of it, that could last a decade or more. New Deal and Reconstruction level. A brutally contested election, court-packing, abolishing the filibuster, DC statehood are just the start.
The prospect of a 6-3 Supreme Court hits a nerve.

Half the country or more will soon see the current constitutional order as entrenching white nationalist minority rule.

The rest will see opportunistic attacks on the sacred constitution and the identity of the nation.
It's hard to imagine Democrats, even with a landslide, pushing the bold agenda in 2021 (filibuster reform, DC statehood, court-packing). But w a 6-3 court, they might.

Either way, constitutional crisis, legitimacy crisis, violence—probably mostly white nationalist violence.
All the while, a seeming deepening of the apocalypse w intensified extreme weather.

I really do believe that our only hope is mass mobilization + transformative green investments, to give people hope for the future, anchored in concrete, short-term benefits.

This decade...
Now seems like a bad time for comfort-ranting about the 2016 primary.

We need a multiracial majority movement, economic power that only a strike-ready chunk of the working class can deliver, a deep climate + racial justice agenda.

To find the way forward, we have to build it.
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