Once again, I think there is a real cause and effect of being a member of a hegemonic group and irrationality. Hegemonic groups feel the freedom to define reality on their terms, even when it defies evidence. Simple example: “Democrats are the real racists”. 1/
This is in a country in which racism has been clearly and undeniably exercised as a force of power by white people against non-white people.

So, rationally, who would vote for the real racists?
“Democrats are the real racists” relies on being able to believe that the people affiliated with the perpetrators of racism are better at identifying - and more likely to vote against- “the real racists” than are the victims of racism.

It makes no basic sense.
Yet, as members of the hegemonic group, they feel entirely comfortable in their theory, despite the evidence.

Members of non-hegemonic groups are required to support their arguments at all times. They can’t rely on the culture backing them without the force of support. 4/
This is why dumbassery is hegemonic.
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