🔞🔞🔞 | cw // abo with all-amab morphology

horny thought of the day: a/b/o verse where it’s customary to invite a trusted third party to witness your first heat and rut with a new partner, because with all the endorphins and hormones and pheromones pumping, consent can get hazy
it’s a tough job, honestly, bc it’s pretty typical for the third party to also get a bit aroused, but they’re there mostly as a kind of chaperone, to stay focused and intervene if anything not pre-negotiated starts happening, to ensure both parties’ safety.
enter: demisexual alpha kook, who, by virtue of his orientation, sweet demeanor, and big muscles (if restraint becomes necessary), has actually become kind of a go-to chaperone within his friend circles. he doesn’t mind doing it, feels grateful to be useful in such a way.
and is always humbled to be so trusted.

so when his two hyungs /finally/ stop circling each other as they have for years and get together, he’s anticipating it when they ask him.
honestly, it’s telling enough that jimin and taehyung have spent enough years functionally being a couple without actually being a couple that their heats have been synced up for ages. so it’ll be extra taxing because they’re /both/ gonna be in heat for this first heat-sex-thing.
so jungkook, kind of a pro at this by now, makes sure to load up on protein shakes, lugs a mini fridge and a microwave into the tiny bedroom they’ve selected for the task, prefills a tremendous number of water bottles and adds a ton of electrolytes.
jimin and taehyung are super touched, watching him intently fold and gather clean towels, no doubt thinking of the sheer volume of slick that’s going to happen. they tell him he doesn’t have to do all this, that they’ve prepped for heats before, that they can do some of this.
but jungkook stubbornly insists. says that he wants to make sure everything is perfect for their first heat together, because it’s what they deserve. these are his sweet hyungs, the ones who always respect his boundaries but scent him whenever he asks, cuddle him silly.
he wants to ensure that nothing can go awry when they’re in the throes of their passion, so they can simply enjoy themselves and each other as they should have been all these years.
(has nothing to do with feeling like he should provide for his omega hyungs. nope.)
kook is a freelance illustrator, so he’s able to arrange his schedule as necessary for the three days the heat should last. he’s packed some toiletries and a few changes of clothes (in case he has to intervene and things get messy), some gloves for cleanup, and food for himself.
the night before they’re expecting it to hit, he settles into jimin’s apartment, where they’ll be spending this heat. jimin and taehyung are well into preheat now, touchy and snuggly and purring, and as soon as he makes it through the door, they’re pulling him in to scent him.
jungkook relaxes and lets them have at it, nosing around his jawline and burrowing into his neck. when he’s first met all his hyungs, it had taken him a while to feel comfy enough to participate in something so intimate, even as platonic as it could be.
and jimin and taehyung had been so gentle back then, never touching him without asking, always reaching for his wrist with questioning eyes.
jungkook’s pretty sure taehyung might have cried the first time jungkook showed up in his and namjoon’s apartment and unceremoniously flopped across taehyung’s lap on the couch.
jimin and taehyung have always understood, intrinsically, that for jungkook, it’s not about not /wanting/ touch, because he wants it oh so desperately. it’s about intent, and jimin and taehyung’s touches have never felt like anything less than love and safety and respect.
so now, as they drag him to the couch, inhaling deep and exhaling satisfied sighs, jungkook pliantly and patiently allows them to get their fill, giggling as jimin’s breath tickles the spot behind his ear.
“this is okay, right, bun?” taehyung says, voice low and still with a hint of purr coming through. “you just. smell so good, mm.”

jungkook’s heart soars a bit at the way jimin and taehyung are always thinking of him, of his boundaries.
“it’s okay, hyung. i know preheat can be rough sometimes, and if i happen to be an alpha, you are welcome to all the pheromones you want to help ease it.”

jimin rubs his nose against jungkook’s collarbone, humming appreciatively. “thanks, kookie.”
“anything for you, hyungs,” he responds instantly, instinctively.

he basks in the attention of being lovingly smothered by his omega hyungs and their slowly-progressing scents for another few minutes before he’s urging them up.
“c’mon,” he insists. “heat’s gonna hit any minute now and with both of you in it, i’ll be outnumbered in trying to pry you apart long enough to feed and water you both.”
he sits them down at the table and heads to the fridge, where seokjin has, as he always does for anyone in their group experiencing a heat or a rut or a beta spell, stocked it with enough meals to feed a small army for a week, rather than two people for three days plus recovery.
jungkook heats up two heaping portions and comes back to the table, where jimin has, predictably, already left his seat to snuggle into taehyung’s lap.

jungkook sighs. “so long as you both eat enough,” he grumbles, and jimin looks at him, soft.
“okay, kookie.”

jungkook unpacks his own meal that he’s brought along and digs in too. as much as he gets teased for being a bottomless pit sometimes, chaperoning also takes a toll on him.
it is, in essence, a kind of caretaking, and caretaking often results in forgetting your own needs, no matter how hard you try not to.
jungkook watches, pleased and fond, as his omega hyungs, one perched atop the other, feed each other, pressing kisses to each other’s fingers between bites. it takes them a while, distracted as they are by each other, to finish eating, but they eventually eat everything.
jungkook spirits the dishes away to the sink to be dealt with post-heat as jimin and taehyung, full and drowsy, slump together. he returns with two freshly-filled water bottles, electrolytes already added, and hands one to each of them.
“i know you’re probably really full now, but getting at least 500 mls down before we head to bed is probably best to try and get ahead of the dehydration,” he explains.
taehyung stands, setting jimin down in the process, and stretches with a big yawn, arms coming down around jungkook in a loose hug, whose hands reflexively come up to hold his waist.
“so good to us, kookie,” taehyung murmurs, lovely and deep. “you’re gonna take such good care of us, huh?”

“already has,” jimin corrects gently, ruffling jungkook’s hair.
(jungkook does /not/ preen.)
when they’re all washed up and ready for bed, water bottles near empty, jungkook pads out towards the couch in the living room.

a confused noise stops him.

“where are you going, kookie?”
jungkook, turns around to find taehyung looking at him, an expression of genuine concern and oh no, a little hurt, jungkook thinks, written on his face.

jungkook scents the air without thinking, and yep, there’s a hint of bitterness in taehyung’s preheat-scent.
/comfort hyung!/ his brain goes, and he agrees. he strides forward and loops his arms around taehyung’s shoulders, who softens at the gesture.

“was going to sleep, hyung. don’t worry, i’m not going anywhere.”
taehyung frowns. “if you’re going to sleep, why were you walking towards the living room?”

now it’s jungkook’s turn to be confused. “because...the couch is out there?”
taehyung’s brow furrows further. “you were gonna sleep on the couch?”

jungkook is not following. “...yeah?”

taehyung’s eyes glimmer with unshed tears as he tries to pull back, and jungkook is completely lost.
/hyung! sad! fix!/ his brain screams, but he has no idea what’s going on.

“did we make you uncomfortable, kookie?? you know you don’t have to do this for us, right? we asked because you have experience but jimin and i are clingy even by omega standards, so if it’s too much-“
“what? no no no, hyung, no, oh my goodness, i’m fine!” and he is, he really is. before he agrees to chaperone for anyone, he always sits down to negotiate hard no’s with the parties involved, and he always makes sure to assert his own boundaries during the process.
everything gets written down in a form that jungkook usually laminates (to protect from...the mess) and keeps somewhere within easy view to reference if need be.

so he’s not sure why taehyung’s eyes are spilling over with tears.
he thumbs gently at taehyung’s face as he sniffles. “then why aren’t you coming to bed?”

jungkook freezes.

/oh/, he thinks. duh. in taehyung’s heightened emotional state, he’s perceiving this as a rejection. but this brings up something that wasn’t in the contract.
“you’ve never,” taehyung pouts, “slept on the couch when it’s me and jiminie before, and it’s totally okay if your boundaries have changed, but i wanna make sure we didn’t, didn’t do anything /wrong/-“
jungkook gathers taehyung up in his arms as best he can, given that they’re more or less the same size. but right now, nestled in his embrace, his hyung feels so small, and jungkook feels the overwhelming urge to shield him from the world.
“hyung, /no/. i was gonna sleep on the couch because i figured /your/ boundaries were different. you two are nesting, and as a chaperone i don’t ever sleep in the nest.”

taehyung lets out a pathetic hiccup.
“i’m sorry, hyungie, i didn’t mean to make you worry,” jungkook soothes.

“no, i’m sorry,” taehyung blurts as he flails a bit in jungkook’s arms, bringing his own hands up to wipe at his face.
“i’m crying all over you because i’m worried i made you uncomfy, when i should be focusing on /you/ and /your feelings/ if you’re actually uncomfy with something that i-“

“hyung,” jungkook laughs. “it’s okay. you’re in /preheat/. i expected some tears either way.”
“besides, you and jimin-hyung are /always/ so good about checking in with me. i’d tell you if anything changed or made me uncomfy, i promise.”

“promise?” taehyung sounds so little in this moment and jungkook fights the urge to squeeze him tight.

“promise,” jungkook confirms.
"okay," taehyung whispers, seemingly appeased. then, suddenly, he turns shy.

"would you, um," he starts, fidgeting. "could you come back to bed, then?"

jungkook hesitates. "are you sure?"
taehyung nods, not making eye contact.

"jimin too?" jungkook insists.

"actually, he's the one who was whining that you'd been gone too long," taehyung says sheepishly. "so i came looking for you."

"oh," jungkook says dumbly. "then yeah, of course."
"you're not uncomfy with it?" taehyung checks one more time.

"no, hyung. i promised, remember?"

taehyung smiles then, boxy and bright. "yeah. yeah, you did."
true to taehyung's word, jungkook enters the bedroom, taehyung close on his heels, to find a frustrated jimin arranging and rearranging the piles of pillows and blankets on the bed.

"oh thank god, you're back," he gripes at kookie. "can you hand me that cushion?"
jungkook pads over, bringing the pillow in question, stopping when jimin paws at his wrist to take a deep whiff that seems to calm his nerves.
"kookie, would it be okay if i just. borrow your wrist for a second?" jimin asks, a twinkle in his eye that jungkook normally associates with /trouble/.

he nods, wary, and then laughs when jimin takes the opportunity to drag his wrist over half the items in the nest.
jimin noses along the perimeter of the pile and sits back on his heels, clearly much more satisfied now.

jungkook supposes that even in an omega-omega couple, an alpha's pheromones can be appreciated in a time of heat.
then, with a light tug, jimin's urging jungkook to climb in, arranging jungkook on his side like just another feature of the nest, then pressing himself along the line of jungkook's back.
he nuzzles his face right between jungkook's shoulder blades, deceptively strong arms coming up to octopus around jungkook's shoulders, and then goes completely still and relaxed.
[the author briefly pauses the narrative to give you an extremely important visual aid for this moment. apologies to hobi who is not featured in this cuddle, but whom the author loves dearly. jihopekook 4eva.]
"jungkookie," tae calls, and jungkook looks up to see tae hovering on the perimeter of the nest. "is it ok if i sleep with my shirt off? my heat's probably going to hit in a few hours."

jungkook takes a whiff, and yeah, taehyung seems to be nearing the final stages of preheat.
"it's okay, hyung," he smiles, and taehyung immediately shucks his top off in relief, no doubt already feeling the beginning stages of fever. "besides, s'nothing i haven't seen or felt before when we puppy pile during summer nights."
"yeah, but it's /different/ when we're in /heat/, kookie," taehyung frets.

"hey, c'mere," jungkook says, pulling taehyung the rest of the way in. he draws taehyung into his neck, presses him right up against his scent gland.
as if on reflex, taehyung takes a deep inhale, muscles relaxing.

"tell me what you smell," jungkook prompts softly.

"just you," taehyung replies, muffled.

"what about me?" jungkook nudges.
taehyung breathes deeply again, a purr starting to rumble in his chest. "you're - feeling settled. happy. comfy," taehyung finally says. "safe. i think. cozy?"
jungkook shifts, letting taehyung wind his arms around jungkook's waist and throw a leg over him. he must accidentally kick jimin, still curled behind jungkook, because a pained whine emanates from over his shoulder, to which taehyung murmurs a "sorry, jiminie."
"believe me now?" jungkook teases, and taehyung huffs, slapping his side with no real force.

"sleep," jungkook urges. "you'll both need as much rest as you can get for the time being."
"you too, kookie," taehyungie slurs, already half-asleep. jimin's begun snoring a bit. "gotta be well rested to watch out for us, huh?"

then he's out like a light, jungkook following not long after, feeling light and pleased, squished between his hyungs.

if it's not already evident, this thread is going to feature /copious/ amounts of heat sex, so proceed with caution! reminder we are sticking with amab morphology for omegas and alphas here (plus the obligatory additions of slick and knot huehue). (1/3)
there will also be some moments of discomfort and sadness mid-heat due to some unfulfilled needs, somewhat analogous to domdrop or subdrop but for alphas and omegas, but eventually everyone will get the "aftercare" they need, i promise! (2/3)
bit of a spoiler but i want to make sure everyone stays safe reading this, so i do want to let you know that even though it causes some degree of emotional distress for them to do so, all parties stick to /solely/ the prenegotiated chaperone contract throughout the heat. (3/3)
this concludes this psa!! now let's get to the filth 😈

unsurprisingly, jungkook wakes up to a nestful of panting, squirming omega.

very surprisingly, jungkook wakes up /hard/.

taehyung and jimin, already well on their way to waking up, are starting to keen, and holy crap, that is going straight to jungkook's dick.
it's not as though jungkook has never before gotten hard chaperoning - it's rare, since he generally feels rather detached from the sexual aspect of everything going on, but it's happened once or twice.
it is, however, somewhat alarming that it's happening right /now/, while he's /in the nest/ with his hyungs.
taehyung, who jungkook's nose informs him is now firmaly in his first full-on spike of his heat (with jimin probably only a half hour or so behind him) is already climbing over jungkook to get to jimin.
slowly, so as not to spook either of them, jungkook scoots out from under taehyung, cognizant to keep his semi from touching him, inching out until taehyung drops in right next to jimin where jungkook had been. then, jungkook climbs out of the nest.

jimin and taehyung stop.
they're staring at him, wide-eyed, heat-sweetened scents turning a touch saline with confusion.

"can't stay in the nest, hyungs," jungkook explains, through the odd pang in his own chest. "gonna get in your way, and can't monitor as well either."
jimin and taehyung's faces smooth out in understanding, although for a brief moment, jungkook thinks he smells a note of bitter sadness in...jimin? but it dissipates so rapidly as the two omegas refocus on each other that jungkook is pretty sure he imagined it.
jimin and taehyung are still working on stripping each other of their clothes as rapidly as possible, so jungkook concludes it's safe enough for him to take his eyes off of them for a brief moment to turn around and readjust himself in his pants.
he's still a little hard, but it's easier now that he's out of the nest and not pressed right up against his flushed, sweaty hyungs as they whimper at each other.
when jungkook turns around, jimin is just lowering taehyung back down into the cushions, nipping at taehyung's neck as taehyung gasps desperately, back arching.
"shhh, let's get you settled first, hm, taehyungie?" jimin soothes, running a hand down taehyung's chest and down to his groin, skipping right past the heavy, flushed cock there and sinking two fingers into taehyung's wet hole instead.
"since you're spiking first, i'll get you this round, and then you can put this-" jimin smacks lightly at taehyung's cock with his other hand, and taehyung jerks, eyes bulging, "to good use when i hit my peak, hm?"
jungkook's pretty sure, but he does take a quick glance at the contract to confirm that yep, taehyung did in fact indicate that he's okay with light cockslapping.
"jiminie, please," taehyung begs, hooking behind his knees to spread himself wide for jimin. "need more, need more-"

"want my fist, taetae?" jimin teases.

taehyung pouts. "want a /knot/, jiminie," he wheedles.
/i have one of those/, jungkook's brain supplies unhelpfully, before he mentally slaps himself in the face. what the hell? he's here to be a /chaperone/, he chastises internally. besides, he's never actually popped a knot outside of a rut, and never with anyone else.
jimin, however, doesn't miss a beat. "yeah, but we gotta get you prepped before i can stuff you full," he giggles, reaching under a pillow to his side and rummaging around before resurfacing with something silicone and purple in his hand.
ah, an inflatable knot ring. jimin had mentioned that he'd had a few during their negotiation, and previous beta and omega heat partners had used them on him and he'd found it to be immensely satisfying. taehyung had had to do his best not to drool on the contract.
jungkook sits down, settling back in the recliner he'd moved in from the living room to serve as his official chaperoning perch for the next three days.
he's napped in this recliner enough times before that jimin calls it "the googie chair", and yet, he can't seem to get comfortable right now as jimin does, in fact, manage to get a whole fist into taehyung's ass.
jungkook keeps his eyes locked on jimin's dainty wrist, slathered in taehyung's slick, which oozes out around his whole and pools on the towels lining the bed beneath them, an ever-growing wet spot darkening a circle jungkook can see from his position.
taehyung is fully crying now, something that would alarm jungkook if not for the fact that taehyung reassured both him and jimin multiple times during negotiation that he was prone to tears during sex but /especially/ during heats, and it was almost a guarantee with penetration.
"j'minie," he sobs, little tremors quaking through his gorgeous thighs. "j'minie i'm ready, i'm so ready," he babbles.

jimin, it looks like, is all out of patience himself. "turn over then, you needy slut," he says, nothing but love in his voice.
"we'll see who the needy slut is after this round," taehyung snaps back even as he rolls onto his belly, and jungkook stifles his laugh into a sweater paw. the ac is turned down so low to keep the omegas comfy that he's actually shivering a bit. he'll need a blanket later.
and then, taehyung is shuffling his legs underneath himself to present, knees spread wide, and quietly, jungkook sucks in a breath.
sure, jungkook's still an alpha at heart, and he can appreciate an attractive omega in heat, ass up and offering, from an aesthetic point of view, at the very least.
years ago, during one of his first ruts, he'd actually taken an omega friend as a partner too, and he remembers feeling pleased at the moment when his partner had presented for him, ready for the taking.

but he can't ever remembering feeling like he does right now.
as jimin slides the inflatable knot ring to the base of his cock, pumping the inner tube twice to fill it enough to secure it in place but leaving the outer knot deflated for now, jungkook struggles to catch his breath, hypnotized by taehyung.
taehyung, still crying into the pillows of the nest, hands twisting in the blankets by his head, the same hands that had held jungkook so tenderly last night.

taehyung, perky, beautiful ass swaying in the air, begging to be filled.
something deep in jungkook's gut /pulls/, and he fights it down with tremendous effort. he has to. he agreed to be here for his hyungs, and he cannot afford to get distracted if he is to keep them safe. and first and foremost, jungkook is an /excellent/ chaperone.
so he wills it down, cock still not truly soft in his joggers, and holds his breath until the urge passes - just as jimin finally mounts taehyung, sliding into him in one smooth, long push with absolutely no resistance.
jungkook shudders, unable to keep from at least letting out a loaded breath.
for what it's worth, jimin and taehyung seem to be far too lost to their raging heat to even notice jungkook at this point, much less hear the evidence that he's more affected than he ever could have anticipated.
as jimin shifts, buried to the hilt, to position himself in an ideal spot for good leverage, taehyung moans and cries and whines, some variation of "jiminie" and "so good" and "so full" and "movemovemovemove" and "breed me jimin breed me" rambled out between heaving gasps.
jungkook's dick, although only partly hard, twitches, and he neatly pushes away his own horror at that to unpack later, when his hyungs do not demand his full and utmost attention.

not that he could be giving anything else any attention if he tried, once jimin starts thrusting.
jimin doesn't start slow, doesn't give taehyung time to adjust - just begins pounding ruthlessly into taehyung, giving him exactly what he's been asking for, and taehyung wails. there's no other word to describe the noise that jimin is punching out of taehyung with every thrust.
it's harsh and fast and brutal, and jungkook has never really understood the appeal before, given how impersonal it always looked, and how impersonal it had felt the few times he'd taken a partner for his rut.

suddenly, he thinks he's beginning to understand.
because taehyung just looks so lovely, completely wrecked, splayed out for jimin to take, and jimin looks unbelievably beautiful, jaw clenched with the effort of giving it so hard.
jungkook has always known his hyungs are beautiful, but now, he's questioning if he truly ever /understood/.
the entire world narrows down to taehyung, drooling and weeping and sobbing, as jimin ruts into him ferociously, sweat dripping along the line of taehyung's arched back.
just as jungkook thinks he might be able to reel himself back into control, jimin fists a hand in taehyung's long, sweat-soaked hair, and /yanks/ upright.

jungkook relishes the opportunity to focus on the contract, if only to gather himself. yep, that was permitted.
jimin pulls taehyung up so he's resting on his knees, and drops down just enough to pump his hips upward on an angle, and taehyung lets out a high-pitched scream as jimin nails his prostate.
"jimin-ah, jiminie, so close," he blubbers, and jimin responds by licking over taehyung's neck, sucking at his scent gland. even with the deafening volume of taehyung's pleasure, jungkook can still hear jimin's long moan.
he wonders what jimin is tasting, to make him sound like that.

"ready for that knot you wanted, baby?" jimin pants, not letting up on the thrusts for even a split second.

"yesyesyesyesyes please-"
"shhh, don't need to beg, i'll give it to you," jimin says, words punctuated by thrusts. he reaches a hand down to the pump dangling by his balls. "just say when, baby."
taehyung only lasts a few more thrusts before he's crying "now!" and jimin rapidly squeezes once, twice, and then the ring fully inflates, locking him inside of taehyung.
taehyung comes with a scream, completely untouched, come shooting forcefully all over the nest and his own belly.

jungkook is entranced. jungkook is /hungry/.
taehyung stays upright and rigid for a full thirty seconds, jungkook estimates, so jungkook can only imagine the force of the orgasm he's enduring, as jimin works his hips in little circles, leaning back on one arm to get the perfect angle to keep milking his prostate.
the cum eventually slows from an explosive stream to a trickle, and jungkook bolts upright as he sees taehyung begin to fall forward. there have been some occasions where one party blacked out, and the other party didn't notice, and jungkook stepped in to catch.
it didn't always make the alphas very happy if jungkook touched their omega, but with enough scent blocker and pre-negotiation, he hasn't had to fight anyone so far.
(jimin and taehyung had asked jungkook not to wear any scent blocker. alpha pheromones were just an added bonus, jungkook supposes.)
fortunately, jimin is already prepared, an forearm braced tight around taehyung's waist, and he lowers them, toppling a bit ungracefully, into the nest, spooned up on their sides.

taehyung is still gasping for air, taking in great big gulps as though he's been drowning.
jungkook takes a moment to assess the current smell in the air, even if it makes the troublesome situation in his pants which he continues to refuse to acknowledge momentarily worse.
the orgasm seems to have taken the edge off of taehyung's first spike, but on the heels of the waning sharp-sweet edge in his scent rises another.

jimin is starting to hit his first proper spike now.
and it's evident, in the way he's starting to squirm, rutting around behind taehyung, who's just now coming back online, it seems, sighing happily at the fullness in his ass.

"taetae," jimin says, and it comes out plaintive, needy.
"mm?" taehyung says groggily, turning his head to peer over his shoulder.

"taetae, please," jimin begs, and taehyung's eyes widen, finally registering the tone of jimin's voice. "can i swap out this knot for a plug now?"
"oh, oh, jiminie, i'm so sorry," taehyung rushes. "yes, of course, oh my goodness, i should have thought-"

"issokay," jimin says, kissing at taehyung's shoulder even as taehyung reaches down to push the valve on the knot ring, releasing the air with a quiet hiss.
jimin produces a truly massive plug, seemingly out of nowhere, and jungkook is starting to realize that apparently, for jimin and taehyung, a big part of heat planning was figuring out the ideal strategic locations to stash all of their toys in the nest.
he's kind of impressed.

taehyung swiftly grabs the plug from jimin's trembling hand and shoves it inside himself, groaning at the delicious pressure, just as jimin pulls out.
jungkook's eyes linger, caught on the sheen of slick slathered over jimin's cock.

/that's tae-hyung's slick,/ his brain supplies incredibly unhelpfully. jungkook ignores it.
jimin is still rock hard, the deflated knot ring still secured in place, and taehyung coos as soon as he's rolled over to face jimin.
jimin hisses a bit at the stimulation as taehyung deflates the inner tube, carefully sliding the toy off. he bucks up, clearly needing more.

and then, inexplicably, taehyung brings a soft, tender hand up to jimin's face, slick-covered and all.
and then, even more inexplicably, jimin actually nuzzles into taehyung's hand, as impatient and aching as he must be.

for a moment, they're still, and jungkook is baffled.
[the author here supplies another helpful visual aid. imagine this, but way hornier yet somehow just as tender, and with a lot more slick involved. amen.]
"my turn to take care of you, minnie," taehyung says, and jungkook's not sure why his breath catches at this, of all things. this is the most chaste thing jimin and taehyung have done since their heats hit.
but the warmth he feels in his gut intensifies, as he watches jimin's face crumple, taehyung leaning forward to litter jimin's nose and cheeks and lips with little kisses, ducking down to nip one across his scent gland.
jimin shudders and closes his eyes, a few tears escaping down his cheeks, bunched up in a beatific smile as taehyung scents him. "you always do, taetae," jimin laughs, watery.
"always will," taehyung says, without missing a beat, before he's effortlessly flipping jimin onto his belly and settling in behind him.
the thing is, jungkook realizes, he's only ever witnessed /first/ heats and ruts together. chaperones are really only there to make sure that first time goes smoothly, when partners are still learning about each other and their boundaries, testing the waters.
but jimin and taehyung? for as much as this is their first heat together, they move as though they've always been a completion of each other's bodies, reuniting more than they are meeting.
and jungkook knows that they've fucked /plenty/ of times between finally getting their shit together and this first heat they're spending together, but still, he's never seen a couple so tender, so sure of each other even as they figure things out for the very first time.
jimin's on his first spike, and by all expectation, he should be too needy, too wanting, to even begin to exchange little love affirmations with taehyung right now.
but jungkook thinks he's beginning to understand as he watches the simultaneous urgency and tenderness with which taehyung presses his long, elegant fingers into jimin's hole, listening to jimin pant out "taetae, love you, god need you so bad fuck fuck fuck."
because he's never chaperoned for a couple this long in the making, either. he's seen some truly disgusting honeymoon stage couples, but none that are so deeply, unerringly in love.
jungkook wonders what it's like to give in to everything your body wants, knowing that someone loves you so wholly is there to provide.
when jimin presents, it's no less of a punch to the face than when taehyung did.

jungkook swallows down his own arousal, heavier than he can ever remember it being, as jimin hitches his hips up in the air, his own short fingers prodding at his loose, gaping hole.
taehyung is fumbling with a slightly larger inflatable knot ring - taehyung's cock is a touch thicker than jimin's - working on anchoring it as jimin urges, high and sweet, "taetae, hurry, please, i'm so empty i'm so empty,"
taehyung presses a quick kiss to the swell of jimin's ass before finally lining up, mounting him with a shared groan of relief.

then, taehyung is fucking into jimin, hard, fast, with no mercy, and jimin is gone.
but this time, jungkook's gaze hovers on taehyung's face, and he sees that it's every bit as soft as it has been since the moment he proclaimed it was jimin's turn, no matter how animalistic the thrusts he's doling out.
taehyung drapes himself over jimin's back, big enough to nearly envelop jimin under him, and tugs at jimin's ear with his teeth.

jimin sobs.
and just barely, under the sound of jimin's keening, jungkook can catch snatches of what taehyung is murmuring into jimin's ear, biting out little phrases between each forceful snap of his hips.
"gonna breed you so good, min-" "all mine, yeah?" "shit, your ass-" "-made for this-"

jimin's face is a flushed, blotchy mess of sweat, but jungkook thinks he's never been more lovely than in this moment, as he sobs back "yours yours yours, taehyungie, all for you-"
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