In 1994, the republicans tried to bumb rush Californians and passed prop 187. This prop was abusive, racist and dangerous in many ways.

It was the beginning of the end, of the republicans stronghold, in the state of California...
I remember being a sophomore in high school and our English teacher was angry. Explained to us that prop 187 was so conveniently named after CA penal code 187 which defines murder. And this is exactly what they planned to do to us brown kids, figuratively speaking...
However, soon after that, many of us found ourselves being severely discriminated against.

This law gave pretty much the authority to schools, hospitals, and government agencies to ask us for documentation on our citizenship.

“If they’re brown, they must have papers”
And they could question your documentation, as well as call the police on you should you hold documents they found “questionable”

You wouldn’t be allowed social services until your citizenship was verified and if they provided you with services, you and they could be arrested...
That year, barely 5 million voted for it out of 14 million voters in the midterm and the prop passed.

I remember the teacher telling us that several other teachers were coordinating with other schools here in San Diego and Los Angeles to protest, a walk out day... we did!
Our teachers stressed the importance of voting in every election and always understanding that we make the laws that can affect us for the rest of our lives.

Even though the prop was challenged in court and the Federal court found it unconstitutional, it was
Heavily fought for by the republicans and tied up in courts for almost 5years.

I turned 18, just a few weeks prior to the 96’ election, I voted to re-elect Clinton. But there wasn’t much he could do because it was at a state level.
I have never hated someone more than Governor Wilson.

He tried anything and everything to push it through, taking it to the 9th circuit court of appeals.

So we knew that the only way to stop this all, was to #VoteBlueDownBallot
In 1999 when Governor Davis was finally sworn into office, he took the case to mediation and withdrew the appeal in July of that year, giving prop 187 its proper burial.

I will recommend everyone look into the stuff that made it out of the prop and was still active...
Up until 2014 when it was finally removed.

After this many Latinos, who had come here for a better life, realized the urgency on becoming US citizens and voting.

They would NEVER silence us again is what we said!
Because of prop 187, the state of California, the home to 40 million citizens, is a beautiful shade of dark blue.

This is why it’s so important to always vote in local, state, midterm and presidential elections. Because one day, you may be the one that’s being silenced...
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