Okay listen up, here is the plan for how we are going to win. Ready?

1. Republicans have 53 seats in the Senate. Since VP Pence breaks a tie, we need four—count them—four defections from Republican senators. This is actually not as impossible as it sounds. (Open the thread)
Republican senators @lisamurkowski (Alaska) and @SenatorCollins (Maine) are “moderates” who have already said they would not vote to confirm a justice before a new president is sworn in. They said this as recently as *this month.*

Step one is holding their feet to the fire.
Step two is getting a third Republican to join Collins and Murkowski.

Likely targets: @MittRomney (obv), @CoryGardner (stuck in a tight re-election race in a pro choice state, Colorado), and @SenCapito (a rare prochoice Republican woman). We need to flood their offices w calls.
Do the math. If we can hold Collins and Murkowski to their word, plus peel off one of those other 6 possibilities—or someone else— we would still need one more vote to make up for the fact that VP Pence would cast a tie breaking vote.

But that my friends is where we have an ace.
The Arizona election this year is not a normal election. It’s a *special election.*

@SenMcSallyAZ is the deeply unpopular Republican who was appointed to McCain’s seat. She is likely going to lose her race. And @CaptMarkKelly does not need to wait til Jan to replace her. Nov 30!
Here is what we all need to do next:

Add your senators phone numbers to your cell phone’s contacts. You’re going to be calling them soon to pressure them. They keep stats on how many calls they get for/against everything.

If you are represented by a Republican in the Senate, we need you to call them often demanding that they allow you to have a say in the election before a new justice is confirmed.

If you have D senators we need you to call and demand the Senate expand SCOTUS and pack the court.
If we lose this fight to replace RBG, our Plan B is to pack the court next year by adding two new seats.

Biden has pledged to put a Black woman on the court. We need to radicalize our senators to expand the court (it’s been done before). Senators need to know we support this.
Beyond expanding the size of the Supreme Court, we need to push to end lifetime appointments to the court. This was one of those dumb-as-hell ideas the founders came up with that destabilized the nation.

No other democracy in the world has lifetime Supreme Court appointments.
Once Biden and Democrats take control of the White House, Senate and House, they will be able to add new senate seats with a simple majority vote.

How? By admitting new states. Number one is Washington DC which desperately wants equal representation. PR too if they want it.
We need to turn Republican’s brutal hypocrisy and craven manipulation of the system into a radicalizing moment for our elected representatives.

The House is already there. Democratic senators and Biden need to know that we want them to play hardball and *we will have their back*
Nuke the filibuster.

Pack the court.

Admit new states.

Tell your senators *we will have their backs* if they step up and do what’s needed for the United States of America.
People often say stuff like “ugh I live in New York, my vote doesn’t count much since it’s a safe blue state.”

Here is a moment where New Yorkers can make a big difference. Call up @chuckschumer office and tell him we need him to step up. Use every procedural motion he has got.
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